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Our First Show of 2012!

We are excited to announce that the band is going to be headlining a music and art showcase at Club 6 in San Francisco January 7th, 2012! There will be a variety of genres of music, so all audiopheliacs should get some fun out of this show. There will also be a local art show going on, and a fashion show earlier in the evening, as well. Hmmm…good music, hot models in one place? I like the sound of that! To top it off, there will be dancing under the reign of the DJ for the rest of the night, so we can continue to get our grooves on!

Our new merchandise was a hit at our last show! Our new t-shirts are already running out. If you would like one, please make sure to contact us with your size so that you dont miss out! Also we have a few Limited Edition All City Elite Pipes left, so hit us up for one so you can say "I smoked with the band!"

We all hope everyone had awesome holidays and wish you all a prosperous and fun 2012!


Get ready to "Light It Up" with the Kottenmouth Kings!

The band is excited to be playing the upcoming show at the Avalon with the Kottenmouth Kings tomorrow night! In commemoration of this show, we have some one-of-a-kind, limited 420 merch. Check out some of our very own artwork on the tees and pipes. And no merch booth is the same without our new merch-girl, Teeney. Make sure to give her a visit and say hi!

On another note…literally…we wanted to let you all know we have many brand new ideas and instruments influencing our next album. Crayola has been introducing new electronic themes into the songs. He is, also currently in the works of writing some new tracks to appease all the dancers in the crowd. And we are really digging Trance’s new FX ring! Expect at least one new track to bring some surreal "whomps."

We hope to see you all at the show! Visit the link below for more details!


So, a lot has happened over the last year…

Many changes have taken place with our band, and opportunities have been seized. Right now, we are searching for the next guitar superhero. We’ve been talking to a lot of musicians in our quest to find an artist whose style jibes with our unique sound.

In the meantime, our longtime fans have been really excited about how the band's style has evolved. We’ve gained lots of new fans too, and the turnout at our most recent shows with Filter and Hed PE at The Avalon in Santa Clara was amazing. Not to toot our own horn, but we rocked the crowd, despite the fact that we had just returned from performing in Santa Monica the day before the Hed PE show. We had a great time performing and entertaining the crowd.

We will be playing with the Kottonmouth Kings on Dec. 8 – tickets are only $15. Check back with us frequently to see where our next shows will be!

For all of you gamers out there, you may be interested to know that we teamed up with Rock Gamer Studios to produce our track "Wake Up Fall", available for purchase and play on the Rock Band Network. So get ready to play along with some fresh Dubsteppery by Jon "Crayola" Crawford.

With all of our new exposure, we're excited to continue moving forward! We have a new album in the works, so keep your eyes peeled...

Android App Now Available

All City Elite is proud to announce our Android App. If you have a smart phone thats not an iPhone or a Blackberry then its fairly safe to say that you may have an Android phone Be sure to visit the Android App Store today and download the app and stay up to date with all the cool stuff the boys have been up to.

Two Great Shows Coming Up

All City Elite will be setting out to Santa Monica to play the Trip bar with their good friends Ginger, who will be reuniting for a one time only appearance on Saturday October 1st. The next day they will be coming back home to play with the one and only Hed PE along with Zeromind in Santa Clara at the Avalon. So if you are anywhere in California that weekend come show the boys some love and listen to some incredible bands while you're at it.