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Gig cancellations

Unfortunately we have to cancel two gigs this week. Liesl will not be performing on Thurs at Rumours Lounge or Acoustic cafe on Friday.

Music Promotion Techniques

49 Weeks of tips and tricks to improve findability vs passively waiting to be heard....

To cover or not to cover?

Why is it that so many venues want original artists to add cover songs in their set...is it a sell-out or a good way for people to start getting to know you?

!st single mad rush!

Well, the time has finally come. Its been a long road, but the first single is just about to hit radio in the next 2 weeks! Woohoo

However, I'm sad to say that although we live in one of the most beautiful countries, our beaurocratic channels are very much 3rd world!

The Cd has just finished being mastered in Los Angeles with the Bernie Grundman mastering group (check them out online....37 grammy nominations). This is the first time they have dealt with South Africa, and I cannot begin to tell you the incompetence that we have dealt with on the South African side. Not a great reflection on our great country! From banks not reading their emails and OVERpaying, to missed deadlines and south African beaurocrats trying to spaek to the US banks at 2am in the morning US time, and wondering why no one answers the phone! Its been a joke!

Come on SA! Whats the point of our music being world standard when we cant even get it out there!