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I love networking...

You know these guys on these websites really have their act together. Sure, it's all about advertising, the more page hits there are the more revenue is made for the website, but it's really WAY cool that these guys, especially here at ReverbNation, decided to make a real game of it for the artist, and a profitable one at that.

It's fun seeing your song go up the charts. It really is. I was getting all pumped the first time it happened. It encouraged me to browse all around the charts, listening to many many artists along the way and becoming fans of many of them. But other things happened too; like getting noticed! Since the opening of my web page here at Reverbnation, I've been noticed by 2 Internet radio broadcast companies. I got featured on one and will be showcased on another. Now I don't know how many listeners I'm getting, but that's not the point. The point is that professionals in the music business had the opinion that they could increase the quality of their station by "airing" my work. THAT was cool.

But now there's something else. This site, along with myspace , Facebook, youtube and all the rest, allow for an artist to set up a "portfoilo" of his work. Artists of what ever medium can present their work in any form or fashion that they desire, and it will be available for the entire world to see.

So I got started. I had some old, not to bad video of some performances of a really good band I used to be in. I liked some of my playing in them so I got permission to put them up on Youtube. I also arrange and score music, and record it in my studio. I enjoy mixing or engineering, and I have a Pro Tools set up so I'm learning the software while I create. "Blessing in Disgust" was the first original to come out of my new studio. I had written and recorded a number of songs in the past, but with old gear and insufficient experience, they just don't cut it anymore.

But the best part is yet to come. Something has happened, and I will be talking about that more in the future; MUCH more. It's a story about a new career, and it happened by me getting noticed, and liked, right here on ReverbNation and MySpace. So take care,

ML Russ Skarsten

Arrested In Mayberry
Arrested In Mayberry  (about 7 years ago)

Very encouraging to come across a blog like this. Thanks for the words Russ!
Oh not to mention the tunes are top notch!

"Blessing in Disgust" gets showcased on HOTMIX106.COM!!!

So there's a new turn in my music career. It seems that Cory, the owner of Hotmix106.com Internet radio was cruising charts over at Reverbnation.com, the site that's base for my music. She played "Blessing in Disgust" liked it, became a fan and downloaded it. I found out through the automatic email system that's linked to the site.

So I sent her a note thanking her for her interest and asked what she thought of it. She replied a short note: "Fantastic song Russ! I will most certainly air it..." Well I was exhilarated!! My playing had been on the air before, back while I was a member of Mick Martin's band, but this was the first time something I composed made the "airwaves."

So as of Thursday, September 24th at around 7:45 PM, "Blessing in Disgust" made its public debut. But that's not all. I discovered a few days later that the song was being "showcased" which means it's getting aired about once an hour in the evening. As a result it's now climbing back up the "Alternative" charts over at Reverbnation. It had made it up to #10 on the local N. California Chart, but fell a bit once I stopped promoting it. But lately, it's starting to move back up. Yesterday it moved from around 35 up to 24 (out of about 240 spots) and is still be climbing!

So will this be the start of something? Well honestly, I have no idea. But all I can tell you is that I heard that an artist will stop creating when he thinks he can no longer create an effect. We, this showed me that I can still get a reaction or two from my work. I've never been so pumped.

So I talked to my cousin Steve Soufi, the brilliant guitarist on the song and while telling him of the recent event suggested he let me send the station his composition "Shakey Puddin'." Well he liked the idea, and so did Cory. She's now showcasing that song too!

What's coming up? As I type, Steve is now laying down the guitar parts for a new composition I just sent him. I should get his parts back in a few days and the final mix should be done in a couple weeks. I'll post a Blog when it's complete.

Thanks to everyone for their support. Without it, my song wouldn't have gained a high enough chart position to have been noticed.

All the best, Russ Skarsten

Friend's shows

Henry Robinette, a great jazz musician is performing at the Red Lion in Sacramento tonight and every 3rd Thursday from here on out. Show starts at 8 pm BE THERE.