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Springing into 2014, popcorn on the trees, fearless gnocchi

Welcome to my new web home, everybody! Finally waded through the FAQs and stepped through the process of getting my web domain, hearcostello.com, mapped to my ReverbNation page, and took advantage of the cool website tools offered by RN. Looking forward to wielding this new streamlined interface with a little more grace than my past web endeavors.

Boise is already very green and lively, w/ many trees and flower beds showing off their spring buds. A friend came over for a rehearsal today, took one look at my neighbor's fruit tree that so generously hangs over my fence, and said, "That must be an apricot tree." "Why, yes it is!" I replied, stunned. "How could you tell?" And she answered, with a rather sly grin on her face, "Because of the popcorn on the branches."

Huh?! So, I looked it up. Damn, I love Google. It's a children's song, called "Popcorn Popping On The Apricot Tree." Learn something new every day. Check it out! It's a really cute springtime ditty.

Which brings me to my final point: fearless gnocchi. Wait, you say... how, uh, how'd we get here, exactly? So the willingness to learn a new saying, a new song, about a type of tree that has grown on every single property I've ever lived, is the segue. Because just the night before, I decided to try making gnocchi from scratch for the first time, sort of on a whim, and without a few key resources (like a potato ricer or food mill at my disposal), and in someone else's kitchen even! And it turned out to be a pretty simple thing, and a LOT of fun, and delicious, and I can't believe I was ever daunted to try it before. I have a feeling I'll be noting, examining, and hopefully conquering a lot more silly little fears like this (and learning and writing new songs, and fixing my stupid website, and ... and... and...) in the coming year.

Enjoy the popcorn, my friends!