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Nathan Farrow Hosts Davey Smith And Dave Kennedy At Buds Wednesday Night!


Wednesday night turned out to be a great evening out as Nathan Farrow played at Buds and brought in his friend and native Chattanoogan Davey Smith, who is now living in Nashville, to play with him. Nathan was also gracious enough to bring Dave Kennedy, head singer and songwriter for the group Kelsey's Woods, who is made up of three native Chattanoogans and plays in the Knoxville and Chattanooga areas. Nathan Farrow, who heads up the Nathan Farrow Band, has been nominated for several local awards over the past year even after every guitar playing artist's nightmare occurred where he cut off the end of one of his fingers in a freak accident. Nathan just keeps getting better though and he is one fun artist to take in. Couple Nathan with Davey Smith and you have one heck of a night in front of you. The crowd at Bud's seem satisfied as well as folks took to the dance floor as Nathan and Davey swapped out songs and played several duets. Davey Smith is well known in the area as a singer / songwriter and is making a go of it in Nashville. Davey played one of my favorites that he wrote called, "The Living That Makes The Man" which is about his grandfather. It was great to see him on stage. It seems like its been along time since we've gotten to see him.

As if the night wasn't complete, Nathan invited Dave Kennedy to the stage and had Dave played some of his songs as well including a request from Nathan for a song called, "Union Wine". Nathan and Dave also played one hell of a rendition of The Marshall Tucker Band's "Can't You See". I had to head out while Nathan and Dave were on stage, but Channing Wilson was coming in as I was going out. It wouldn't surprise me if Channing took the stage as well. I tell you, Buds had four of the best artists in town in the house Wednesday night and it was great to be there. Dave Kennedy and his band Kelsey's Woods will be opening up for the great singer / songwriter Chris Knight Thursday night in Knoxville. Keep an eye out for Nathan, Davey, Dave, and Channing on our events page and as always, I hope to see you out and about supporting our local artists!