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Do You Have The Time

As we prepare to launch our new album, "Do You Have The Time," we want to take a moment to thank everyone who has joined us on this journey of musical awareness. Body | Mind | Spirit | Soul | Music remains our guiding principles.

We are now in a position to put together a team of professionals who will focus on our media presence, our National and International appearances, and accelerate our release of music, which currently sits at 70+ unrecorded original messages we call music. We are looking forward to this change global presence for Spooky Kool and thank all of the team members that you will soon come to know.

Our mission is unchanged as we grow our fan base, one person at a time. This is indeed intentional as we truly want to have a personal relationship with you and know who you are when we finally meet. But our greatest joy is the awakening of the inner spirit as we reflect life's scenarios and travel closer to a better understanding of life's purpose while digging into the necessities of life's circumstances provided for our inner growth.

We offer a bit of meditation with each album release and opportunities to dwell on the who, what, when, where, and why, as we begin to see that life is not a conspiracy, and that you have not been singled out for any particular significant event; but more likely that you are not alone in these events which are by design, for your growth and not your demise. A change in attitude will reveal your new found awareness.

"Do You Have The Time" continues to explore the events of life and attempts to indicate the beauty of experiences that help us realize that we are more than what occurs before us, and that we have the ability to grow from those activities as opposed to becoming hurt or bitter. For love is at the center of it all.

In fact, there is joy in every setback as we discover that, some things are not meant for us to have. When in fact, something better is coming our way, and the removal of some things provides space for the blessing to come. Room for celebration and humility for acceptance.

So stay with us as we grow and develop in our music and our own spiritual expansion. Remain with us as we develop the messages that we receive to deliver to you.

It is only fitting that we come to that juncture where the question becomes, "Do You Have The Time?" Proposed full release date (September 2016).

The Journey Continues

Spooky Kool has been absent from social media over the past few months as we are wood-shedding and creating a new image and direction.

We begin by writing and recording new music while seeking out more global appearances. To be successful, we need your help and support.

This is a call to action as we prepare for the next phase of our journey, 2nd CD! We will release the first of our recordings by October 1, 2015 and then one other at the beginning of November. Our goal is to release the entire CD by December of 2015. Then the real work begins. Bring the music to you live.

We are open to your suggestions and pray that you will be as excited as our greatest fans and speak with us openly about what you would like to see from us, and where you would like to see us perform.

We love you for all of the support and appreciate your patience with us as we make this transition. I'm convinced that this is the Spooky Kool you have been waiting for.

Until then, stay posted, keep posting, and continue to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, and MySpace. We'ii be coming to you very soon.

Gabriel Bey aka Spooky Kool

Who or What is Spooky Kool?

Spooky Kool Your Friend in the Spiritual Age Spooky Kool was born out of a conversation in New Orleans, birthplace of Jazz. Gabriel Bey, Trumpeter and leader of the band was networking with the local radio personalities and sharing the need for a station in Arizona to support the local artists as it was done by WWOZ in New Orleans. The conversation was insightful yet eerie and it was Bridget Cox-Dawson who coined the term to Gabriel, “you’re Spooky but very Cool!” Gabriel returned to Phoenix with the new tag and began a movement of performing spontaneous Original Music (OM) based on the atmosphere created by the audience. Like the original Art Form, the artists traveled throughout country telling news, history, and personal experiences through musical stories. Such is the nature of Spooky Kool. Members from the Phoenix based “Home Jones” performed in the early version of Spooky Kool, but the band didn’t find its traction until they began practicing original music written by Gabriel Bey and Jackie Muhammad. “We need to stop playing other people’s music and focus on our own voice” Jackie would say, and his vision of a world class performing art form was realized with the band’s newest members. On Guitar, Peter Storn as did Phil Janzen on Drums, returned to perform with Gabriel. The trio were members of the Wickit Kickit band of the early 90’s, voted Best New Jazz Group, by Jazz in Az. Cyril Walker who hails as a member of Phoenix Drum Circles plays Percussion. Cyril introduced Gabriel to Mark Randolph, a new in-plant to Phoenix from the New Jersey area who brought the chording and percussive groove of the Keyboard. The Tenor Sax of Buddy Jones along with Jackie Muhammad’s funky Bass, and Gabriel Bey’s Flugelhorn completes the sextet. If you are looking for a true musical experience, you have to be at a Spooky Kool performance. Come get your groove on and experience first hand the music and art of Spooky Kool, Your Friend in the Spiritual Age!