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Updates - Where to Find Them

Hi there! If you're checking out this blog - I'm writing all over the web, primarily on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and my own site.

Please follow me on twitter to get daily updates!

Email me any time, I'd love to hear from you! And thanks for your support!

HUG! Caroline

News for March 2008

Hi everyone who pops by to read this! :-) Thanks for your support!

This month we've been pretty busy with being in the studio starting the recording process and.... with this Sam Roberts contest!!! We actually made it into the finals!! Now we just need to get the most votes to win the whole thing! Starting tonight, March 25th - people should be able to log on to the www.mazdamusictour.com site to vote for us. Each e-mail address counts as a vote - so vote with all your e-mail addresses! You can vote again each day of the contest all the way to April 4th. If you can spread the word too, that would be a super help! By winning, we will get to open for Sam Roberts in our own city -- so that means a free show in Victoria on April 11th!!! Also, we would get some studio time and Mazda might promote the song we do in the studio!

Anyway, your help is appreciated!!

What else is new on the horizon, etc.? We have been asked to showcase at NewMusicWest in May! That will be so much fun! The show will be in Vancouver and we'll have more details soon.

Thank you for all your love and support! We wouldn't be where we are without all of you.

Hugs! Caroline :-)

News for February 2008

Hi everyone who reads this blog! :-) We've had quite an exciting month - and looks to get even more exciting through March!

First off -- we went to Whistler and opened for Melissa Ferrick at the Whistler Pride Week celebrations! It was super awesome - great people, great sound, great stage! What a great show! Melissa Ferrick was absolutely phenomenal as well -- highly recommend checking her out! She was Ani di Franco's opening act on her recent tour.

Our set went really well. It was the three of us, and it was a big, open sound that really brought out the loveliness of what everyone was doing. The vocal harmonies were beautiful, and the violin and guitar solos were impressive! Polly and Adam really were awesome. I wore a corset type top and couldn't bend over very well - but other than that, had a fine time performing! :-) So much fun! The audience was really receptive, funny and awesome! I hope we get invited next year! (did I use too many exclamation marks? I think I might have!! See? LOL!)

We've been working on the Cornerstone Collective Records label that we mentioned last month - had a really great launch -- and a fundraiser gig this month that was just so much fun. We're doing it again next month, March 21st - so save the date. I made a really awesome spinach lasagne - I was so proud of myself. Yeah, we all brought food to share included in the price - yummy! The Fernwood Community Centre has a lovely living room that we held the event in. Really cosy, and we made it so pretty with lights and material. One of the better 'intimate' stages I've played. The sound was just awesome! We had Brad Hawkes come out and join our set with his 'cajon' drum - it's like a box that he sits on and plays. Very cool! Thanks, Brad! :-)

Some of you know that we're so far placed first in a contest to have a chance to open for the Sam Roberts Band - AND bring the Sam Roberts Band to play a show here in VICTORIA!!!! How cool is that!! Well, we have to win it first, to get his band to play in Victoria - whoever wins gets the band to play wherever they are. SOOOOO -- for those who have been voting everyday with all their e-mail addresses, we THANK YOU! For those who just read this -- go to http://www.mazdamusictour.com/en/profile.php?id=116 and vote for us. This is a spam free contest -- whoohoo! So you have no worries entering your email as all the info gets deleted after the contest. I read the fine print! :-)

We'll find out for sure if we're going to get to go to the semi-finals by the end of this month, so we'll let you know what's going on from there! But exciting stuff indeed! YAY!

And in March, we will be starting to record a new album. Looking forward to that process - and finally getting some new stuff out to you!

Ok... hope you are doing well! Take care of yourself - and remember to follow your dreams.

Lots of hugs, Caroline :-)

News for January 2008

Hi there, everyone! We're trying out this Reverbnation tool to see if it makes our lives a little easier. So enjoy - let us know if it's working for you too.

We've posted all the songs from the hello EP and our Live at the Glenn Lake CD so you can hear all of them, as well as a special track from our older aiti maa Window Seat album. We want you to be able to hear them. If you'd like to support us by purchasing tracks or an actual cd you can hold in your hand, please go to www.carolinespenceband.com to order. Or you can e-mail us with your particulars at info@carolinespenceband.com

Happy NEW YEAR! :-) We wish you all the best for this coming year. We are just getting all our plans organized. For this year we plan on attending more festivals, if possible. We'd also like to get into the studio and record some of the newer material - including the song 'I Do' that so many of you like so much.

We have a couple of compilation CDs that we are going to be part of, including the Indypalooza promotional CD to raise money for putting on a great big indie festival this summer. Since we are totally into promoting independent artists, we really wanted to pitch in with this project.

We will also have a track on the Carolwood fundraiser CD. This is a charity that is raising money to create playgrounds that include children with disabilities. We are very glad to be included in this worthwhile project. We'll tell you more about it as we find out. The cd will be released in the summer, and there will be a fundraiser concert as well.

You can see us live coming up soon at the Whistler Gay Pride Week in Whistler BC. We will be opening for the wonderful Melissa Ferrick for Women's Music Night. This will be at the Rainbow Stage. Cost for tickets is $29.00 for a beautiful acoustic night of entertainment.

We have joined forces with a number of other Victoria, BC-based independent artists to create our own collective record label and artist management company. This has been a dream of mine for a long time, so I'm glad to see it happening. We will be associating with Cornerstone Records. Launch will be January 26th at the namesake Cornerstone Cafe in Fernwood.

There will be a couple of fundraiser houseconcerts being held in the Fernwood Community Centre living room (nice and cosy with a fireplace and lots o' space). One will be February 15th. So watch for us to be there.

Our song, Hey Gemini was played on CBC yet again -- seems like our Saskatchewan fans have been doing some requesting! Thanks so much. Please keep requesting the song at your local CBC station. It helps us get our name out there.

We were also featured live on CFAX 1070 here in Victoria for their New Year's Day Levee. Although we didn't bang any pots and pans (Colleen, isn't that what you're supposed to do at a levee?), it was still a great time to be had by all! Thanks to Dave and James for hosting!

If you are on Facebook - please check out and join our band 'Fan Page' and group. You support means a lot to us.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. We love to hear from you! :-)

Lots of hugs, Caroline, Polly and Adam CSB www.carolinespenceband.com

P.S. A shout out to Morley who came to Victoria to visit the CSB over the holidays! You ROCK! :-)