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LeJitt New Music Video - "Power Trip"

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"Power Trip" A Woman's response to J Cole & Miguel by LeJitt

The video was filmed on site in Atlanta Georgia in the North Atlanta region. The music video was directed/edited by Dewitt Harris with co-edits by Jasmine Holyfield.

Up next, LeJitt plans to release an official music video for her hit single, "I Need Your Love" during the first quarter of 2014. In addition, she'll be touring throughout the Greater Atlanta areas to promote the release of her second mixtape, which is currently untitled and scheduled for release in May 2014. The mixtape will be centered around the balance of success, abundance, and spirituality. This classic production will also incorporate live music from Jasmine and other musicians.

We hope you enjoy LeJitt's new music video! Enjoy this preview to what's in store for a successful and profitable year for us here at LG Music.

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Jasmine Holyfield explains decision to drop LeJitt as stage name

Jasmine Holyfield says her name change signified her spiritual development, she also stated that the name was universal and allowed her to cross-genres. After being asked numerous times why she changed her stage name from LeJitt, Jasmine finally explained the reason behind the name change. Aside from signifying her spiritual development as a woman and artist, Jasmine also spoke about her new stage name being more “universal.” “I spent a lot of time and resources building LeJitt as a brand name, and it was going great, but I knew that name would limit me to possibly only hip hop. By the way, I changed my name once, back in 2007 from LeJitt to Renegade. Let’s just say my fans were not happy, and so I changed it back within a few months. But, I always knew I would change the name LeJitt because I created it when I was only 16. As I grew, spiritually and as a woman, I developed new musical skills and knowledge. After I graduated from Georgia State with the [Bachelor of Arts] degree, I knew that I had outgrown just being a hip hop artist and producer. So, the name change to Jasmine Holy represents my growth as a person; from a young rapper/producer, to a musician, songwriter, publisher, and woman. I’m not that shoot-em-up, kill-em girl anymore. I’ve grown into so much more than that, and I have so much more to offer.” Jasmine went on to explain that the name Jasmine Holy also allowed her brand to cross-genres and added a universal appeal to her inspirational and spiritual music. “I prayed long and hard about this name change stint. I wanted a name that would allow me to praise God, and rap about real life situations all in one verse. LeJitt had been branded so many different ways, and it had become known for a particular style. It was revealed to me, that my name [Jasmine Holyfield] was the best stage name for me. That way, I didn’t have to be an entertainer one moment and a publisher the next. I could be me, Jasmine, the songwriter, publisher, entrepreneur, rapper, or whatever else I chose to be in that moment. So, I took off the “Field” of my last name, because Holyfield already has its own brand, and just kept Holy. It actually matched perfectly because my music is inspirational and spiritual. So, it stuck, Jasmine Holy.” Jasmine is also the niece of Evander Holyfield, and she generally keeps this information private. “I didn’t want people to associate me with my Uncle’s accomplishments. Not to say that I’m ashamed of my last name, but Holyfield already has its own brand and significations. So, I removed the ‘Field’ from my last name so that I could build an entirely new brand with my personal name, and what a coincidence, that left Holy, which fit perfectly with my inspirational appeal." Jasmine Holy is currently working on a new album scheduled to release this fall. Her last release, Feel Good Music, was released as an EP in 2012 under the stage name LeJitt. Songs from the Feel Good Music EP have been broadcasted on radio stations and television networks throughout the southeast region, including WRAS 88.5 FM, Foxie 105 FM, Crunk for Christ Radio, and more. Jasmine is also Founder/CEO of LG Music Publishing. For more information about Jasmine and the company visit www.lgpublishing.webs.com

LeJitt celebrates two nominations at the 4th Annual ATL’s Hottest Awards

By LG Music Publishing Wed 3:18pm LeJitt has been honored with two ATL’s Hottest Entertainment Awards nominations including nods in key categories “Hottest Female Vocalist” and “Hottest Inspirational Artist”. LeJitt, who is celebrated as Atlanta’s favorite female gospel artist, is anticipated to perform at the 4th Annual ATL’s Hottest Entertainment Awards November 17 in Atlanta. LeJitt has been astounding the city of Atlanta with her professionalism and drive throughout the course of her career. Operating as the President/CEO of music publishing organization, LG Music Publishing, Jasmine “LeJitt” Holyfield has been identified as one of the most professional artist’s in the Atlanta area. In addition to her professionalism, her singer/songwriter skills are unparalleled as she has managed to fuse genres Gospel, Contemporary Christian, R&B/Soul, and Hip Hop in a method that has never been done by a female in the religious industry. Her music seeks to reach the masses and has an international message of loving one’s self and the Most High God. The critically acclaimed star celebrated her first ATLs Hottest Entertainment Awards nomination as Atlanta’s “Hottest Female Vocalist” in the 3rd Annual ATL’s Hottest Entertainment Awards. Last year’s awards ceremony took place at the Georgia World Congress Center Nov 12, 2011. The 2011 awards herald over 700 attendees with Atlanta’s most reputable music industry executives and artists in attendance. Feel Good Music, LeJitt’s solo-debut EP, released on Apr 3, 2012 with singles “I’m Rising”, “Old Soul”, and “Getting Money (Remix)” broadcasting on Urban and Urban/AC radio stations across the east coast of the United States. Coinciding with the release of Feel Good Music and her celebrated performance at the 7th Annual Atlanta Gospel Fest, the nominee will release her new hit single “I Need Your Love” on Adult Contemporary (AC), Contemporary Hit (CHC), College, and Religious Radio Stations throughout the nation. This year LeJitt hopes to evolve from a nominee to an award recipient. Voting for the ATL’s Hottest Entertainment Awards began Mon Jul 31, 2012. Visit the ATL’s Hottest official site www.atlshottest.com to vote for LeJitt as Atlanta’s “Hottest Female Vocalist” and “Hottest Inspirational Artist”. Up next LeJitt will perform at The International Music Conference at 595 North Event Space & Lounge located at 595 North Avenue NW Atlanta, GA 30318 Fri Aug 10 at 7p. For more information regarding LeJitt’s upcoming tours, news, and projects visit her official website at www.lejitt.webs.com

LeJitt performing live at the 7th Annual Atlanta Gospel Fest

By LG Music Publishing Thu 3:40 PM LeJitt, ATL’s Hottest Entertainment Awards nominee for “Hottest Inspirational Artist” and “Hottest Female Vocalist”, will perform at the 7th Annual Atlanta Gospel Fest at the Georgia World Congress Center Fri Jul 27 at 8p. She will participate as the opening performance for Contemporary Gospel artist and pastor, Montel Jordon. “It's such an honor and privilege for me to participate as an artist in such a prestigious event especially since its based in my hometown Atlanta, Ga”, stated a humbled LeJitt. LeJitt will perform her critically acclaimed gospel single, “I Need Your Love” along with other gospel cover songs. The Atlanta Gospel Fest is a 3-day festival beginning Fri Jul 27 and ending Sun Jul 29 that will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center. The festival is free to the public, however; the concert requires tickets starting at $25.00. For more information regarding the Atlanta Gospel Fest visit www.atlantagospelfest.com For further information about LeJitt visit her official website www.lejitt.webs.com

"Old Soul" broadcasted on WFXE FM Foxie 105

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LeJitt’s radio single "Old Soul" now playing on WFXE FM Foxie 105

Mon. Mar 5, 2012

LeJitt’s radio single "Old Soul" broadcasted on WFXE FM Foxie 105 this past Thursday Mar 1, 2012 in Columbus, Georgia. This marked the first time in LeJitt’s career that one of her records was aired on commercial radio.

The song was discovered by DJ Triple J (James Jones Jr.) of Foxie 105. Triple J was a panelist judge at Club Throwbacks in College Park, Georgia where LeJitt performed as an open mic act Wednesday Feb 29.

“When [she] performed [I’m Rising] it reminded me of a Lauryn Hill style, and I knew that she had something going for herself,” stated Triple J.

DJ’ing in the commercial industry for over seventeen years, Triple J has seen his fair share of talented artists and hit records. DJ’ing for stations such as WVEE V103 Atlanta and HOT 107.9 FM, he has worked with some of the industry’s most reputable DJ’s including Lil’ John, Greg Street, and Ludacris.

LeJitt stated that she was honored to have such a blessing bestowed on her, and that this connection was unexpected.

“At the show, I was supposed to perform ‘Old Soul’ that night, but my fans wanted to hear ‘I’m Rising’. So I performed ‘I’m Rising’, although I really didn’t feel comfortable with it because we had been marketing ‘Old Soul’ as the song I would perform that night. I gave Triple J my CD before my performance, and he contacted me the next day and told me that he liked ‘I’m Rising’ but he loved ‘Old Soul’,” LeJitt stated.

Triple J added that "Old Soul" stood out to him mostly because of the similarities LeJitt shared with Georgia natives Outkast and Goodie Mob throughout the record. In addition he stated that he had yet to hear a female sound as similar to the legendary groups.

“When I heard ‘Old Soul’, it immediately caught my attention because I’ve never heard a woman spit like that and have such a similar sound to legends Outkast and Goodie Mob,” Triple J stated.

“I never thought of it that way,” stated a humble LeJitt. “Being that I’m from Georgia, it never occurred to me that a female had never sounded so closely to Outkast. I get that a lot that I resemble [Outkast] but I never let it go to my head. I was just making the song to capture the essence of the city and music I grew up listening to,” stated LeJitt.

"Old Soul" will be aired tonight, Mon. Mar 5, 2012, between 7p-9p ET. For the exact time of the broadcast follow LeJitt on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/lejitt7. “Old Soul” is scheduled to broadcast throughout this week, so call in and request LeJitt to keep her in rotation (706)576-3560.

"Old Soul" is a record from LeJitt’s new mixtape Feel Good Music: Vol.1. The mixtape can be purchased locally in South Atlanta at Southside Discount Mall 6525 Tara Blvd Jonesboro, GA. The project can also be downloaded for free at LeJitt’s official website http://www.lejitt.webs.com

WFXE FM Foxie 105 is a commercial broadcasting network provided by Davis Broadcasting Inc. in Columbus, GA. Foxie 105 is a Hip Hop and R&B station that provides commercial urban music to the Columbus area. For further information regarding Foxie 105 visit their website at http://www.foxie105fm.com

Happy New Year! - LeJitt in 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 IS HERE! To LeJitt's beloved fans, friends, and family, Happy New Year! We hope 2012 brings you much success and prosperity. Upcoming for 2012, LeJitt has much in store that we strongly believe you will appreciate. This quarter, LeJitt plans to release "I Need Your Love", a gospel song created by her in 2005. The song was written to uplift the spirits of those living in sin by showing how praising God in the midst of trials and having a contrite and repentant spirit can advance one's relationship with our Heavenly Father. Although the song was created over seven years ago, "I Need Your Love" has never been recorded. The song was pushed back due to the Urban and Hip-Hop genres she was working under during the years of 2005-2011. As with most great music, a song with exceptional and uplifting messages rarely dies out. She performed "I Need Your Love" recently in 2010-2011 playing the organ as an accompaniment at her home church Unity Missionary Baptist Church in Forest Park, Ga. LeJitt presently performs the song in churches and gospel events throughout Atlanta. She will begin recording and producing the song this month. LeJitt also plans to release a debut solo album this year which will include a fusion of genres ranging from Christian, Gospel, Jazz, and Soul. The album will be a follow-up to her critically acclaimed mixtape Feel Good Music: Vol. 1 which was released last year. Feel Good Music: Vol. 1 included a fusion of genres R&B/Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Gospel and received over 100 listens in its first twenty four hours of release and over 200 "likes" from Facebook users. It's going to be a great experience and a great year, and we appreciate you keeping up with her over the years. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions that you would like for us to address or be aware of feel free to contact us. Much love and may God continue to bless you in all things! Sincerely, LG Music Publishing Atlanta, GA Visit LeJitt's Website Here! http://www.lejitt.webs.com Follow LeJitt on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/lejitt7 Like LeJitt on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/jaz.holyfield#!/pages/LeJitt/108365509207318 Listen/Download/Like LeJitt's Mixtape Here! http://lejitt.bandcamp.com/album/feel-good-music-vol-1

LeJitt’s, Feel Good Music: Vol. 1, receives over 100 listens in its first day

LG Music Publishing, LLC (SESAC) NEWS UPDATE LeJitt’s, Feel Good Music: Vol. 1, receives over 100 listens in its first day

Thurs. Sept 29, 2011

After much anticipation of LeJitt’s solo debut project, Feel Good Music: Vol. 1, the mixtape was well received by her local fan base.

Without any major promotion, the mixtape received 102 plays in the first 24 hours of the release and accumulated a total of 84 likes after being available for only 12 days.

“That mixtape is pretty banging!” stated Evangeline Small via LeJitt’s Facebook wall.

“Love the mixtape!”, stated Eboni Nicole via LeJitt’s Facebook.

“@LeJitt7 That is definitely some feel good music. Dope mixtape”, stated Trizzlebeatz via LeJitt’s Twitter page.

Astounding fans with her lyrical delivery and fusion of genres, LeJitt is becoming a go-to candidate for emulating uplifting and inspiring music for independent artists.

To listen/view/download the mixtape visit http://www.lejitt.bandcamp.com

LeJitt is a modern day revolution. Fusing genres R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, and Gospel, she produces a fresh new experience that captivates her audience. Backed by her Georgia origins, Lejitt brings a sense of southern tradition, reality, and individualism to the music domain.

Follow LeJitt on Twitter! @LeJitt7 Visit LeJitt's Facebook Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LeJitt/108365509207318

LeJitt releases solo mixtape, "Feel Good Music: Vol.1"

LeJitt releases her first solo mixtape, "Feel Good Music: Vol.1" SAT SEPT 17TH. This woman fills the void of lyrical female artists and musicians through her poetic flows and lyrical delivery. Fusing R&B/Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Gospel you can expect to experience an array of elements within her music. Bold enough to remix hits such as Jay-Z and Kanye's "Otis", Ace Hood's "Hustle", and other producers, this lady will capture your attention within the first song. Keep an eye out and an ear open to her upcoming release SAT SEPT 17TH.

Y.A.O.W: Mixtape 2.0 is LeJitt's final project with GMG

Y.oung in A.ge | O.ld in W.isdom: Mixtape 2.0 will be LeJitt's final project with GMG Get Money Girlz. Y.oung in A.ge | O.ld in W.isdom: Mixtape 2.0 is scheduled to release Jan 18.

"Somebody's Watchin", places 2nd in Rhythm & Vibez Battlegroundz

#FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GMG's "Somebody's Watchin" Places 2nd in Battlegroundz GMG Get Money Girlz | LeGitt Publishing LLC Nov 15, 2010 As of Sunday Nov 14, 2010 GMG competed in the Rhythm & Vibez Battlegroundz against two other competitors for a total of three contendors for the Battlegroundz competition for November. One of those competitors was the New Orleans hip hop group, RBA. GMG placed second with seven votes against RBA's nine to fall shy of 1st place. In September of this year, the ladies defeated RBA with their record "Gettin' $$$", which placed first for that month. However, due to the fact that the original date for the Battlegroundz show was cancelled (Nov 7) the ladies were unable to confirm the Battlegroundz competition taking place Nov 14, hence, very little promotional efforts were done for the event on the behalf of GMG. Nonetheless, with the slight last-minute promotional efforts that were able to implemented, the ladies were still able to capture 2nd place and were almost victorious. According to Facebook, RBA begin promoting the event approximately an hour before GMG. Supporters for both groups had the phone line's busy, birthing the idea of the potential votes that could have occurred if the line's were not tied up. Winners of the Rhythm & Vibez competition receive a radio interview and are added to the R&V regular rotation for the remainder of the month. GMG Get Money Girlz are a female urban group from Atlanta, Ga that has been compared to as a "female Outkasts" by many industry executives, including V103's Ramona Debrow. RBA is a hardcore hood bee-bop group from New Orleans "creating a web of Hip-Hop music reflecting 500 years of slavery pains, ghetto tragedies and recession woes". After the competition, both groups are still active within the industry with upcoming events. RBA'S furture projects include an upcoming album release entitled "Street Gospel", and also a live performance Sat DEC 11 at the Red Light Cafe' in Atlanta. GMG's future projects include a live performance TONIGHT at Club Icon in Downtown Atlanta, a mixtape release entitled "Young In Age Old In Wisdom: MIXTAPE 2.0" scheduled to release DEC 7, and also a headliner performance which will be hosted by radio show host DJ Nikki B Sat DEC 11 at Waterfront Eatery in Forest Park, GA. More music/information can be found on both groups at the following addresses: -RBA ENT. presents "Kawasaki" http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=jR2sAoRq_sQ -GMG Get Money Girlz: www.reverbnation.com/lejittandsolop, www.gmggetmoneygirlz.webs.com - "GETTIN' $$$" IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES FOR ONLY $0.99!! http://itunes.com/lejitt