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Call for House Concerts

13. December 2012 · Topic: STUFF (#) Calling all friends and fans who want to host a house concert! Pardon the exclamation point but holding a concert in your very own house surrounded by friends enjoying a night of music unplugged and up close is pretty darned exciting. From now through March I have shows booked in these states – TN, MI, KS, MO, AR, TX and MA/New England. There are still open dates in all these places and I would love to play a house concert for you.

If you don’t live in one of these states I would still love to play your house concert. Basically you need to gather 20 or more friends together, suggest a donation of $15 or more, make sure everyone is cozy, sit back and let me put on a concert for you. Of course, there are some other details to consider but it’s so easy that I could do it. Actually, I have.

So, anyone interested in embarking on a musical adventure with me please contact my good and friendly booking agent, Terri Stewart, at stewartmgmt@earthlink.net and she will confer with you on dates and details. For those of you overseas I have tentative plans on touring Denmark and Ireland in April 2013 and want to begin booking as many house concerts as possible.