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Happy May Marshans!

May is here, summer is around the corner and things are hoppin in our hood!

Check out the events page for upcoming shows including a performance at Pridefest!

Also check out our new merchandise available at the Dear Marsha online store: http://www.reverbnation.com/store/artist_453927

This Saturday night we will be at The Rail Englewood CO 8pm - no cover charge!

Radio performance tonight and more!

Hapy Holidays Marshans!

Tonight 6pm, hosted by the ever so fabulous Shawn Marie Bryan "Ever want to time travel? Did you miss War of the Worlds when it went live on air? Revisit both options tonight in person as we tape the first "Women A'Loud!" show for the new year~ Dear Marsha, will be ever present and we'll have a super special guest to host her own, "Berlyn's Book!" to help we Be(h)ns through the world of children's literature." Come down and watch the show live if you are in the Denver area at Colorado Media School, 404 Upham St, Lakewood, CO or tune in and watch online at http://www.gomilehigh.com/home.cfm

Jan 25th we are excited to be back at The Rail for our first 2014 concert - come and cure your holiday overload with a promise of NO holiday songs and the bestest of the bar staff taking care of you while you wrap your hand around a fatabulous beverage and your brain around whatever comedy antics Raina comes up with!

Did you know you can support local musicians without spending a penny? Add Dear Marsha into your mix on Spotify, Dear Marsha – Woo-Hoo! , or add us into your iTunes radio, rdio, and much more! For each song you play, Dear Marsha (or any local artist you choose to listen to) receives royalty pay. All this at no cost to you!

We have been working with some Colorado rock icons putting together Dear Marsha in a full band format! Once the snow settles after the holidays, watch for some upcoming show announcements which we are excited to be putting together with a few musicians you are sure to know and be excited to see laying down some fun grooves with us!

Warmest of Wishes!

Raina and Wendy

Catching up!

Hi Marshans!

Yes yes yes, it's been a while! We are catching our breath and gearing up for new shows and are excited to announce a new line up!

We are SUPER excited to announce we have teamed up with the back line from Wendy Woo Band - David Derby on drums and Steve Cox on Bass. Don't worry, they are not leaving Wendy Woo Band, just squeezing gigs in with us on the side. These two super talented musicians will be a fantastic fit to our music and we are so excited to have some shows VERY shortly for you to join in with us!

Again, we want to send our hugs and thoughts out to our extended family in the loss of Mama Kate last month. We were so honored to play at the "Celebration of Life" party, and we are so blessed that we shared some amazing and most memorable moments with her and her family through some of our favorite Dear Marsha days.

We are working with an on-line concert venue in hopes of bringing you a virtual concert soon :) any suggestions or things you would like to see, please send us a message!

Hope to see you at a show soon! Raina and Wendy

Marshanfest '13 and other shows announced!

Hi Marshans,

We will be off June and July, but back in full swing in August with shows at Jake's Roadhouse (a perfect place to come catch us after a bike run on a sunday afternoon!) and the Rail.

And we are SUPER excited that Archer's Poudre River Resort will be hosting Marshanfest '13! That's right - a whole weekend to celebrate you, our Marshans. We are excited to spend the weekend with you all and we are working on some special guest performances as well! September 26th to 29th... We will be performing in addition to more artists to be announced.

There is limited cabin space, so be sure to get yours booked early! There are also tent sites and RV sites to rent in addition to a small store, grill, and liquor store on site.

To get a cabin, you must ask for Connie when calling and mention MARSHANFEST! :)

Archer's Poudre River Resort 970-881-2139 or Toll Free 888-822-0588 poudreriverresort@gmail.com http://www.poudreriverresort.com/ 33021 Poudre Canyon Hwy, Bellvue, Colorado 80512

Dear Marsha is always open to your suggestions so feel free to send us your input, comments, suggestions, and/or song requests!

We 3 you guys!

Raina and Wendy


I do have to say that we have the BEST fans ever! Last weekend you helped to raise over $1000 for Chris LaCrue for his kidney transplant process! And if that wasn't awesome in itself, the winner of the iPad mini gave it to Chris! Thank you Kari for your heart of gold and to all you Marshans that bought raffled tickets, put money in the tip Jar, Teri for purchasing the song, and the love and support you all show our community!

Don't forget to add Dear Marsha to your playlist on Spotify, Rdio, and other online streaming sites. Even local artists make royalties on the air play their songs get - so put all your favorite artists on your playlists! You can also find Dear Marsha on iTunes.

We will be off the next two months, but can't wait until August to see you guys at the shows! Good things to come, new material and some cool tricks up our sleeves!

Raina and Wendy

Exciting new stuff!!!

We are so excited for this week's show, Saturday at the Celtic House Pub in Parker - see our events page for all the details. We are debuting our new band line-up and are SO excited about this new direction. Its the same Dear Marsha but with a different vibe and feel :) Joining us in our new ventures are Dennis Durakovich on the mini drums :) and Susan Phelan on stand-up bass! We are so excited to have these ROCK STARS joining us - it will be just the four of us and a whole new feel! Come out and help us welcome them to our Marshan cult world :)

There are more ways to support live local music than attending shows. Approved artists via online sites get royalties for airplay and streaming in addition to purchases. We are proud to announce that Dear Marsha (as of this last week) is now available on iTunes in addition to these other online venues: add us to your playlist. Some of the sites below are still in the process of verifying our license, but they should all be active within the week. We encourage you to not only stream (which is FREE to you!) and download our music, but also other local artists and bands!

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Hi Marshans,

We are so excited to announce a new direction we are taking you Marshan in! Over the last 19 years we have had many lineups of the band, but none like what we are bringing to you beginning next month!

We have been playing the last couple of years acoustic only and have had time to breathe and figure out where we want to go and how we want to get there. We always loved the energy and intensity of a full band but wanted a different approach, so we are re-inventing our songs and our sound "somewhat" with just a four piece group - and the musicians we have that are joining us on this journey are INCREDIBLE! We are so so so proud to announce Dennis Durakovich joining us on drums - Dennis is fantastic and solid (and we really love him because he is freakier than we are! - hehe) and joining us on bass (stand up acoustic bass - that is!) is Susan Phelan - yes yes "THE" Susan Phelan!

The energy is still the same but with a much cleaner and easier sound and just a great groove!

We are doing a trial run with the new line-up - actually quite impromptu set - at our next show at The Celtic House Pub on May 11th. We hope you all will join us and show our new mates a little bit of Marshan love!

Here is a link to the info for the show... https://www.facebook.com/events/103550579820102/

Rain and Wendy

The band of nine lives

I think we are past nine lives now on band reunions! We are excited to be throwing together an acoustic show - October 13th, Saturday, at The Celtic House Pub in Parker Colorado. Check our page for more details including a live stream for those that can't make it!


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