Out of re(I’m tired)ment

Hello Friends!!! Musical passion, inspiration and birthday celebrations have brought us out of our over 2 year hiatus from the San Antonio music scene. We've been putting together new songs, a home studio, music video projects, and a new direction. With our change of priorities we hope to be better equipped to fight off the burn-out and frustrations that had kept us away so long. We thank you all for keeping up with us and your kind words across social networks and in person. We hope you will enjoy the material we will be putting out. Our appearances may be fewer than those in our hey-day but don't be disillusioned... the machine is churning again. We’re excited to announce our 1st show back will be a “Birthday Bash” with our good friends in Sintense (speaking of inspiration) on Sat. Feb. 7th at Papa Woody’s Roadhouse. This venue is top notch with great sound and lighting which was a factor in our decision to make this our comeback show. We hope to see many familiar faces out there and make new friends. Have a great Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and hope to see and hear from y’all soon. Take care!