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update on life

Well, to all of my friends here, we are getting ready to push really hard in Epitome. We have some new material, we are in the process of rewriting several of the old songs, and our lineup has never been stronger. I am really happy with the way everything is going, and am looking forward to the immense amount of work we are about to do. The album is our top priority right now everyone, and we are going to be super aggressive to get it out to you ASAP. So stick with us, and be ready, because it's coming, and it's coming way faster than we all imagine.


it's been a few short months, but in that time i've come to realize so much about myself through this band. no matter what happpens, i will always look back at the this time as the most positive turning point in my life. i finally truly realize the importance of taking seriously what i was put on this earth to do. not just for myself but for everyone around me. if you are putting your whole heart into that one thing that you know you were meant to do, whatever it may be, everything else around you seems to just fall into place. i am proof positive of that. i have never put so much hard work into a music project and been so overwhelmed with the result as with epitome. before i was asked to join the band, there was a ton of shit weighing me down. i was at a breaking point, ready to just give up, tuck tail, and run home to mommy and daddy. but given the opportunity to pick up a pair of sticks again, and begin "doing what i do" i have experienced a great rebirth. i feel this coming new age, a dawn in me so to speak. the sun has risen on my belief in me. i have certainly developed a deeper respect for what i do. and through that deeper respect has come a deeper sense of self-respect. and that is the epitome of music. i am eternally grateful for this chance. it has turned out to be so much more than just another gig, and i know we have only just begun.

- Donny/epitome.

a summary

I love losing myself in music. It has a feeling like none other. Thanks to the other 3/4 of Epitome. There are no other musicians I would want there with me to achieve with, to create with, to struggle with, but in the end to create that place where we get lost. That place that pulls others into us. That's what makes this thing special, it is much more than 4 men playing some music, trying to be cool, or get women. It's where we create a focusing point for ourselves and others to get lost. Jay/e. www.epitomeofmusic.com

Triumphant Return

Well ladies and gentlemen, at long last we are finally returning to the stage. It's been well over a year; after too many difficulties trying to get our album out, we are returning to the stage and shortly there after we will have the album completed.

Come help us celebrate our friends Waiting for Sunday's CD release. July 11th @ Dos Amigos

Waiting for Sunday Epitome Headspun