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It's Coming along..

I've started releasing my new album in the form of singles ,, I hope to be finished with all of the songs very soon...

sTuff stuff StuFf and more stuff

Still working on the Backup vocals, who'd have ever thunk something so simple would take so long..

STuDio StuFF

I think I have narrowed my new Album down to 10 songs.. I thought at first i was going to go with a more traditional blues thing but dang if I didn't change my mind in mid stream and move more towards a more edgy'r sound..It's Rock baby..Gotta love it..

the New Album is in the making

It seems I have picked up an old straggler from my home town and we've been polishing up a bunch of new songs to put on the next cd/album.. We are also working on his album also, Things are moving along nicely. I hope it keeps going like this , if so we'll have both cd's out in no time..

My Songs

Please help your self to my music..Some people think I am crazy for giving these songs away..but you know what? I am..Anyway I hope you do enjoy them as much as I do..have a fantastic day Ya'll..