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new group in the works

I am working with a wonderful soul singer Jessica Rathwell. Coming to a venue near you in 2015

Creation of just go away

You had your chance, we broke up yesterday. Listen up, Ill tell you again. There ain't much to say. I ain't no school-yard or a park where children play, so stop coming round here and just go away This song was recorded at Lindsey Studio in Port Coquitlam British Columbia, 2004. Mike Gerow- rhythm guitar Steve Lindsey -Drums 4 string Kenny -Bass Robert Alan White- vocals and slide composed and arranged by Robert Alan White


All creators of music are realist's: what they create in tones and rhythm is to them an object of consciousness ; a dream, a ghost, an illusion is as real as a beer barrel or a toothache

Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (almost 5 years ago)

Yep, ghostly dreams that breath through us never letting go...

about me

I clone disaffected 2nd rate philosophers in my kitchen, kinda a hobby of mine. I was born in the Manchu dynasty and my finger nails are still growing. UN-seriously I only answer non-personal questions while in communication with the disembodied voice of Spiro Agnew. Us writers are a pickle bunch. I am just soaking it up until it ferments fully formed into the soul of an unnecessary and tragic figure who I continually have to ask to leave my house

craigs list

Craigslist Ad :We are a small & casual restaurant in downtown Vancouver and we are looking for solo musicians to play in our restaurant to promote their work and sell their CD. This is not a daily job, but only for special events which will eventually turn into a nightly event if we get positive response. More Jazz, Rock, & smooth type music, around the world and mixed cultural music. Are you interested to promote your work? Please reply back ASAP.

My Reply: Happy new year! I am a musician with a big house looking for a restauranteur to promote their restaurant and come to my house to make dinner for my friends and I. This is not a daily job, but only for special events which will eventually turn into a nightly event if we get positive response. More fine dining & exotic meals and mixed Ethnic Fusion cuisine. Are you interested to promote your restaurant? Please reply back ASAP.

comment section

the comment section of an artists page is meant for comments about the artistic material of the visited artist , not self-promotion. Know what I mean?

I mean come on, get with it, you know who you are

down ward spiral in the music scene

we are on a downward spiral. good players don't want to perform for nothing. so a typical live act today is an inferior act. so people stop going to live shows. so the venues will be less able to pay acts. Feeding this downward spiral is the enormous numbers of "entertainers" who will perform for the thrill and love of it, no matter if you playing for nothing to two people in the audience.

Are you helping to kill your own live music scene?

Indie Bands! Are you helping to kill your own live music scene? I've been watching a really upsetting trend start to happen in certain cities across Canada right now, with some of the top bands literally playing ever second week or so. Last night a venue where I had booked an extremely strong bill with top bands from the area called me to discuss some details and mentioned that he had noticed that some of the bands on the bill were playing multiple shows on either side of our date within literally a week or two in some cases. He was justifiably upset, as was I, as this show has the potential to be one of the strongest shows booked over the next few months. It is precisely this kind of behaviour by indie bands that literally kills your own live music scene. How many shows do you think your fans are going to attend before they start saying "I'd go but I just saw them a couple of weeks ago and they are playing next weekend too". Your fan draw will diminish and instead of having maximum draw at a few key shows thru the year, you end up with way too many weakly attended shows. The venue loses money and a dj without the overhead that live music entails becomes a lot more attractive. As a booking agent for indie bands, its a hard market out there competing with a 1000 other hopeful bands that want the same room you do when you are on tour. Now we are competing with the packaged tours that larger agencies are putting into the smaller traditionally "indie" rooms.... now I feel like I am literally fighting the very artists I work so hard to support as they literally overplay home, encouraging the venues to drop live music altogether because they are sick of half empty rooms, poorly attended shows and bands that don't know how to manage their draw. I am all in favor of putting a radius clause in the venue advance! I strongly encourage it! It may piss you off if you take a show at this venue and get an offer you'd love to take because you are locked into a radius clause but seriously.... it does YOU the favor. If you can't self manage being over exposed in one area, then I would rather see the venues enforce it for you rather than have them go to canned music and lose yet one more venue that "used to be a great place to play". Bands, do yourself a favor! Take a look at your current schedule. How many shows do you have booked LOCALLY over a 3 month span?? In my opinion if you have more than one.... its too much! At the minimum you should be playing no more than one show every two months at home. If you make it once every three months, then that leaves you room to take that ONE REALLY GOOD OFFER that comes along too good to pass up and you still have fans to draw from. So what do you do for the remainder of that time when you aren't playing over those 3 months? Take a look around you.... start looking for locations to start playing once a month an hour to 2 hours away from home. Start circulating and building your draw a bit further out all the time. You can build a regular circuit far enough from home to play a couple of shows a month in a variety of locations, increasing your fan base further out, you keep playing shows and you don't hurt your draw at home. Tour! Book yourself a mini tour once a month if members schedules allow? Rehearse! Write! Play an acoustic gig in a pub! Whatever you do.... do yourself and the rest of the indie music community a huge favor and start managing your draw and building a strong thriving music scene locally instead of spreading it so thin it can't survive! Cheers! Leanne By: SIN Agency

Traps my heart

This song is adapted from a poem "Cages" by Alexandrs Zlotnik. I arranged and produced the music. It is in the transcendental country blues genre. Wait a minute, I don't think there is a genre of that ilk. Everything was moving, blown by the wind. Flash of lighting burnt my skin it burned right though me to my very core all that was left to see were ashes at my door. There ain't no cage made yet that traps my heart

Sniffed wild flowers, colours everywhere, copper penny moon hung in the air. My ashes blew out over land and sea. No thought of time or space worried me. There ain't no cage made yet, that traps my heart, that traps my heart

There was no boundary, knowledge of the mind felt I was flying to a space without time. Freedom was everything, far as I could tell. Knew I was dying lord, but there weren't no hell there ain't no cage made yet, that traps my heart, that traps my heart. Lyrics: Alexandra Zlotnik

open letter to those who want me to fan you

open letter to those of you here on Reverbnation who require others to fan you before you can hear their songs. I have been blocked by your mandatory requirement to become a fan and join your mailing list. I have over a thousand fans and I am not allowed to fan artists, there are many here on RN like this. We promote each other by liking which comes up on FaceBook and playing songs we like to hear. I couldn't listen to your song. I think making someone fan you before you can even be listened to is wrong and probably unintentional. The preferences setting could be changed so me and others could hear your songs, that's why we are here. RA White