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ARMS and the Lyre is Relocating!!!

Urgent Announcement: ARMS and the Lyre (A Romance More Sacred) will be doing one last show in Omaha and we want you there, ready to have a great time! =)

Sadly, our era here in Omaha is ending and we will be relocating to Kansas City, starting in September. We have had a great time sharing fun experiences and new music with our Omaha family, but it is time to bring others into the family and expand the the opportunities of "ARMS and the Lyre" and A Romance More Sacred.

It would be so awesome to see everyone, that is available, to make it to our last show. A way to say goodbye to an era and hello to whatever lies ahead. Below you will find a link to the Facebook invite that everyone should have received. You can buy physical tix from us or on-line, as well. All important information is in the info section of the event page.

Thank you everyone, for your support. We have felt the love and we will see you at the show!!


The NEW face of music at A Romance More Sacred...

Just to clear up any confusion, if you see the secondary moniker, "ARMS and the Lyre", pop up from time-to-time (and hopefully even more often), that is now the music and performance facet of the already multifaceted, A Romance More Sacred.

We will still be doing events and special projects as A Romance More Sacred, but when we do it will be under the status of a non-profit business. We want to be able to give back to our community and world through education, music, art, food-drives, clothing-drives, penny-drives, etc. That has always been at the core of who we are and will be always.

Think of it as "A Romance More Sacred presents ARMS and the Lyre". From now onward, that will be what you see more often than our original moniker.

Okay? Okay.

Looking forward to getting more involved with A Romance More Sacred?? Send us a message on our ReverbNation or Facebook page!



Thanks for reading!


ARMS is Blogging

Hey everyone! This is just the first post on our ReverbNation Blog. Check back later or subscribe to our RSS to read more!

Thanks! -AMP