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Separating my harp solos from my rock music

I have added a new reverbnation profile especially for The Circle of Peace Band. If you like that music it is now all available for live streaming at Http://www.reverbnation.com/thecircleofpeaceband my harp solos and Celtic music will remain here.

Bloging my many projects

I will be blogging the progress of all of my projects here. I know it is hard to keep up with all that we do here. Currently I am working on several projects. Circle of Peace: My rock persona is working on two albums right now. One “The Psychedelic Bardic Dream of an Onyon” is a Pink Floyd like psychedelic vortex of sound where I am playing most of the instruments. I eventually plan on bringing other musicians together to perform this music live. We have a drummer, Rocky Nesbit and a bass player Mark Snyder. All we need is two guitarists and a keyboard player. Circle of Peace is also working on recording my first Rock Opera called “Trek to Tranquiople.” This is sort of corny but fun. It is a Star Trek rock opera. Hopefully we will be able to make this into a Broadway-style play and eventually a movie. We need the rights and physical license to actually release this for pay. We feel that if a play of loosely strung together Abba song can be a hit, certainly a Star Trek musical can be a hit as well. I will be releasing a new Celtic folk music album soon too. This will be another Geoffrey the Bard album. Cantiga will have me fill in for Martha Gay for one weekend at Scarborough Faire this year. Dock Grauzer will fill in the rest of the season as Martha is touring the south of France. I am also working with Mo-Town music and some Classical music to be on two new albums. That’s all for now and will keep you informed, Geoffrey