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Hey! How have you been? Well let me tell ya, we've got quite a bit of news for you.

First we have some sad news to report, Jessie Furr is no longer with PMK. Without going into much detail, we really love Jessie as a person and a human being. Our parting of ways with Jessie is nothing personal. Jessie is soon to be married to his true love Amanda and focus his efforts toward being a father and raising his family. We love you Jessie and we will miss you dearly. We wish you nothing but the best in life and hope to see/hear from you soon.

That being said it's really hard to replace such a talent in Jessie BUT we have to move on. As most of you know one of our favorite bands is our buddies in Vanisher (www.mypsace.com/thisisvanisher), well I have actually become really good friends with Kyle Odell which is their guitar player. So knowing how big of a fan we are of Kyle's we proposed to him that he write some songs with us, which he has accepted. So please welcome the newest guitar player Kyle Odell! We are excited to be working with him as he is one of THE BEST songwriters that we've ever heard!


While Kyle will be working with us on the writing aspect of the PMK material, he has his hands full with Vanisher as far as playing out live. So we obviously needed a guy to be able to play out. And for that, it is our pleasure to welcome our newest addition to the PMK family, Adam Henry! Adam will be making his PMK debut live June 19th at Amos'. We have known Adam for a long long time and he is an amazing musician in pretty much all arena's from Djing across the states to being a kick ass drummer to shredding it up on the guitar.

We are super excited by these changes within the PMK family! This is quite possibly the best line up that we have ever had and we cannot wait for you to hear the new stuff. That being said we are posting a new demo on our myspace site of the song "Forever Never" which at this time is only instrumental but is an example of our new direction we are going.

As for our material that we have recorded with Jessie, well since we have begun this new era we are offering ALL of our recordings that we have done for FREE! Keep a look out on our myspace and facebook site for a link to download everything we have including some songs that you have never heard before such as "Passing The End".

June 19th will be our last show for quite a while as we work on a BRAND NEW record. The next time you see use expect a full overhaul of our performances. We will keep you all posted as to our progress.

Thank you guys for all of your continued support and as we grow into this different kind of monster.

All our PMK love;

Bryan, Kliph, Ryan, Jessel, and Adam Permanent Midknight

p.s. Add us on Facebook! We update much more on there as opposed to myspace. You can find the link on our main page!

new tunes up!

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