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Just a few more Please.

We are getting very close to 1000 fans here on Reverb. Thanks so much to ALL the people that are enjoying our music. Pass on the Music Love and help us get over the hump. BML (big music love)

Workin Man

Been a while since inspiration has pulled me into writing every day. New horizons in recording at home. Have 8 arrangements and 4 down of the basic tracks. A few more on the canvas, hopefully will have a complete new project by the days of summer. True inspiration has come by doing what comes naturally. Playing guitar and writing thoughts of life. ~ Twang ~


For her laughter, courage and kindness. We Dedicate the song "Crazy" to the amazing friend who so graciously gave us her voice. Julianne Pool Eddington R.I.P. 6/22/1955 - 11/29/2012

Juniors Icehouse - RAWKS

Last night at Juniors was awesome of course, it always is. James you are the man! The ONLY facebook friend to brave the night with us. Also our new Fans, the beautiful couple sitting with James. So glad you enjoyed the show! Thankful to all the people that hung with us and enjoyed till Mother Nature shut us down around 11PM. Juniors Staff and people are always gracious to us - are heart of thanks for your kindness and support. BIG Music Love

New UpLoad

Track 10 from our latest CD. . . The song title itself says it all for me, enjoy! Swab your ears if you wish on our Austin Texas grown ROCK. Growning up in Austin has been a great influence and music education. BIG Music Love


Everyone's heard today is a gift why it's called the Present. When we stop and look around with judgement and negitive perspective. We loose the purpose of being here, to observe the miracle of life. I believe we are here as witness to this always changing planet. A gift to be a part of this crazy world we live in today.


I am so blessed and grateful to all the peers on this site that are enjoying my music. We have set 2 songs on this site for purchase. Half of the proceeds go to the Fender Music Foundation. I am a Fender lover, if you are as well. Please help us help these folks continue making fantastic instruments. Music is the soul and the heart of the masses!! BIG Music Love !