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How you can help Hysteria Complex!

Hey there! If you're reading this, then apparently you're interested in helping us and we think that's pretty awesome.

We haven't played any shows yet, but we will be in the next month or so... as soon as we find a drummer! But our Self-Titled CD is going to be re-released quite soon and we're planning to go on tour in the near future! The more people that hear about us, the better, and we would appreciate it so much if you could do any of these things!

- Leave us a comment

- Add us to your top 8 (or however many you have!)

- Tell all your friends

- Visit our Myspace: www.Myspace.com/HysteriaComplex

- Post one of our banners and/or widgets on your page

- Post one of our banners and/or widgets on your blog

- Join the mailing list

- Join the street team

- Check out our videos on YouTube: www.YouTube.com/HysteriaComplexBand - Buy a CD (when they are available for purchase)

- If you have a Last.fm account, we will send you a free song from our re-released album (when it's done) as long as you promise to listen to it with Last.fm on your computer and scrobble it, and you have to tell all your friends with Last.fm accounts to scrobble it too! :)

Don't forget to join the mailing list!

This is what's been up.

In January, we released tracks from our self-titled CD; Those are the tracks that you can listen to on our page here (we hope that you do!). Since then, we've been re-recording, re-mixing, going back over and over all of the songs, and making small adjustments here and there to get the absolute best sound that we could.

The wait is almost over! After a few more final tweaks to the songs, they will be ready to be released and available for purchase on iTunes. As the CD nears completion, we will be posting status updates, blogs, and sending emails. Join our mailing list so you don't miss it!

Through the entire process, we've been writing new songs for the next album and preparing to play shows. After the re-release of our self-titled album we will begin booking shows and planning a tour. Around that time we will also be getting some merch... buttons, t-shirts, stickers... plus the CD, so look forward to that!


Looking for a drummer!

We are currently searching for a new drummer. If you are interested, email us at: Lifeonend@hotmail.com

We need a drummer who is serious about music and dedicated to being in a band. This isn't just a couple of dudes jammin out in a garage, we work hard and practice almost every day. Our plans are to play shows and go on tour ASAP and we are always writing and recording new songs. Also, we need a drummer who is comfortable with his or her instrument, and you absolutely MUST be creative and open to other ideas and suggestions.

Take a listen to our tracks and if you think you have what it takes, email us at: Lifeonend@hotmail.com

This is worth reading.

Due to some minor setbacks, we are a bit off schedule. Still, we have been busy as hell doing what we need to do. So we figured, as a courtesy to everyone who hears/enjoys our music, that you all should know what to be expecting in the near future from us.

First of all, we have spent countless hours going back over the recordings of our tracks and working tirelessly to get an awesome sound, even more epic than the tracks we have up now. We've been working hard figuring out how to get a more suitable insane sound for our songs... Well, we've done it! Just a few more tweaks here and there, and our tracks are going to sound so much more epic and powerful. So guess what this means...! We are finally satisfied with the sounds we are getting, and we're ready to put them up for sale!

In a few days, we will be taking down all the tracks we have currently, and putting up one or two of the new recordings. Shorty thereafter (within about a week), the rest of the tracks will be up for listening, and the CD will be available for purchase, buy it and help us tour!

The CD (with no artwork) will be $10 (free shipping) and it will also be available for digital download on iTunes, Zune, Rhapsody and a bunch of other places. We should also have some more merch (stickers, t-shirts, pins...) available for purchase soon, so buy our stuff and help us tour!

Within a few weeks we should be up and playing shows and planning our tour. We want to hit up as many states as possible, so keep checking back for show and tour dates and come see us play live!

We all appreciate everybody listening to our music and leaving us comments and sending us messages, we enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for all your support.