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BEWARE THE TRUCKER CONSPIRACY2010 1-beware of veteran truck drivers taking advantage of rookie truck drivers while there asleep (also apply ultimate secret 4 to this scenario) - - - BEWARE THE TRUCKER CONSPIRACY2010 2-beware of truck companies setting up drivers with security guards (posing as drivers) using hidden installed hospital equipment to harass/duress there team driver.- - - - BEWARE THE TRUCKER CONSPIRACY2010 3-beware of truck companies tapping the dashboard and truck with sensor devices so that they could listen to what you say security drives around you while you work.- - - - BEWARE THE TRUCKER CONSPIRACY2010 4-beware of truck companies working with stores so that they can duress/harass you also if you dont know when your partner is asleep you dont know when you can harass him. - - - - BEWARE THE TRUCKER CONSPIRACY2010 5-also if you try to harass the security guard back (posing as a driver) they can call him and the phone set on vibrate will wake him up the security guard's gps warns them when you slow down.

the conspiracy2010

i designed protocol to detect if what you feel or say is being influenced,by deciding what your gonna say outside influences cant just decide what you say or feel you have a defense against them!!! if you protocol 3 exclamation points when they decide for you to use two exclamation points you wont. but there is no crime that involves people controlling what you say right? to put it simple you can be controlled by uppers,laughing gas,knock out gas etc all chemicals or drugs that can be accessed by everyday people. there are more complex chemicals that are engineered by scientists or tested on guinea pigs and then reused on there chosen targets!!! they'll use taps to record enemies while overseers plant there chemicals or drugs in your food or where you breathe for instance your bed!!!


cant trust no one these days your own family is seasoning you with chloroform,collaborating with security or police playing along with electricity.trust protocol it gives you direction and no random event cant change your mind.if your spontaneous then its good live your life

sincerly ghost

the conspiracy2010

you know that old saying 98% of the crimes commited are by people you know well ya gotta watch your back because haters are there and waiting!!!