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Stella's Attic Official Release

Yes we got......Long Hair!!!!.....Bell Bottoms!!!!....Fat Riffs!!!!...Soulful Vocals!!!!..... Backbeat Drums!!!!........Big Blues Bass!!!!........Unforgetable Hooks!!!!..... Kickass Live Rock n Roll Shows!!!!!!!!!

Rock Music, Live and Alive N' Kickin Satisfaction is Guaranteed!!!

Stella, that wild thing from New York City, always had her roots in the music. She spent her teens skipping school and playing music on the scene, singing with fiery emotion, a style and feel reminiencent of the late 60s and 70s. Teaming up with rock popmeister Zane Fix, the two visions created the sound that is power pop rock! With the new addition of the rock steady rhythm section, Stella's Attic breathes new life into the spirit of Rock n Roll.

Passin' on a whole lotta love.... Peace