Why did I loose over 3000 fans?

Because once upon a time there was a fan link with MySpace. All my MySpace fans showed up as my Reverbnation fans as well. Then one day I dropped from #1 to around #18 on the local charts and couldn't figure out why. Much to my surprise, I only had about 700 or so fans as opposed to almost 4000, which is a drop in the hat anyway. Now can someone tell me why the social media divorce happend?

# 1 on Reverbnation's local electronic music charts

I knew it was only be a matter of time until SYNTHETAMINE would reach the top spot in Austin, Texas. Thank you Reverbnation for having a fair and balanced system set-up for ranking artists. I started off at # 247. But thanks to my friends and fans and critics now I'm # 1 on the local electronic music charts. It is all fitting considering the tragic losses I've endured personally over the last several years. My best friend Brandon Oliver died in November of 2011 and my beautiful kitty Keena died of cancer last October. I promised them both that once I reached the top, I'd still climb higher. The journey begins now.

I million views and counting...

I recently calculated my total music video views from the nearly dozen or so sites that I've uploaded on to and it has surpassed the 1 million mark. One site alone has just over one-half a million plays. I guess I must be doing something right..

Reconnecting with old band mates

I have recently reconnected with my old friend and ex-band mate Kurtis D. Machler, who is not only a great individual, but an awesome musician/rec-eng. as well. We both shared an equally life-changing event: We got FIRED from the same band JOEROCKHEAD. My point of this of blogs is a set of questions to any bands experiencing internal strife: 1) Under what circumstances should anyone fire it's ORIGINAL members who poured their heart and soul into something they loved and believed in? 2) Should all band members have an equal say in what business decisions are being made? 3) Does a band have the legal right to fire an original member who is terminated for "creative differences?" These are just a few of the questions young bands should seriously consider when you enter into an band "marriage". In my opinion, Kurtis D. was a MUCH better guitar player than the person who replaced him, but I guess that really doesn't matter now. Or does it?

My best friend Brandon Oliver....

Died of a massive heart attack on November 17, 2011. I am sad beyond belief. Years ago he turned me on to a lot of cool music like OutKast, Sage Francis, Brother Ali, and a world of cool music..He was only 29

New CD will be arriving December 5th!

SYNTHETAMINE was created two years ago as a vision. I can remember when and where I came up with the name. I was walking across the Bank of America parking lot telling myself "Come on RT, come up with a cool name...Synth Energy? Synthergy...Synth Amphetamine....SYNTHETAMINE....! WOW came up with a cool name for my two new songs...I opened up a MYSPACE account and joined the millions of others. That was then.. This is now.I am happy to announce that my new CD RADIO GHOST will go on sale December 5th just in time for Christmas. I will set up accounts accordingly. In the meantime, checkout my new video DESTINATION SATURN Peace, ya'll!

Movin' on up

Last night was my last Tuesday night show at HEADHUNTERS. Matt Looney the club's manager was SO impressed with my show that he booked me on two upcoming Saturday nights. October 2nd features myself, Scorpio Rising (from the ashes of Retarted Elf) and Scary Mary (voted best punk band 2010. I can't wait


Okay this is what SYNTHETAMINE is all about. Shredding on the Synth like none one else. That is what keeps my head up. I'm still a strugling artist. My day job that I've been at for 8 years closed it's doors today. I am now officially UNEMPLOYED. But I have 110% confidence in myself. I'm 100% bilingual in Spanish, play the fuck out of the keyboards and can cook a meal better than your grandma used to make. I will play for parties for 100$. Please HELP me!

Using Photobooth for videos...

Originally "just-for-fun", Photobooth has actually been very instrumental in my music video productions. That is where a new camera, and your iTunes visualizer can be quite the foundation for your new video.Since the iTunes visualizer is unique in that every song will have it's own unique patterns set to YOUR song. What I did was played the song I was doing the video too, turned off all the lights (iMac's screen is super-glossy)and actually filmed the visualizer. Then I dragged that movie into Photobooth and set up my keys, set the right lighting and filmed away. When that's done, I import it into iMovie, drag the actual recorded song on and proceed to edit till it fits...

What a difference a tambourine makes!

ODDESSA is a very moving and powerful song, rich with layers of strings and swirling synthesizers. I recorded the original version on an ENSONIQ EPS 16+ about six years ago. When that machine died, I decided to redo some of my favorites on GarageBand. Anyway, I found an old version of the song and realized that I had forgotten one of the most important and distinguishing aspects of the song...The tambourine! Believe it or not, the tambourine really makes that song what it is. It is the perfect bind for an otherwise complex sequence of drumbeats and sequences...