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lo prometido es kumbia

i've been asked by my band mates to write about a memorable moment of our career as a band. i am curious about what made them choose me to be the one who gets to write about it 'cause, seriously, what should i write about? something political? something i feel really strongly about? our anecdotes are true rock n roll stories. true story.

last year in april, we got invited to play at 'la covacha' for their 20th year anniversary concert along with locos por juana, los amigos invisibles and a couple of more bands i cant remember right now. later in the story you will find out why. cultura profetica was the headliner. april. 20th year anniversary. cultura profetica. i'm sure you guys can figure out where this is going. that show was special to us for many reasons but the fact that it was at la covacha definitely made it extra special. we all have been kicked out of la covacha or even worse, not allowed to get in - at least once in our lifetime. that's no lie. much love to la covacha (they have a kick ass lunch menu. masitas de puerco bro), but the fact that we were sharing stage with cultura, our homeboys from locos, amigos invisibles...we knew it was going to be good. we were expecting a crowd and i must confess, it was a bit intimidating. so what did i do to control my anxiety? i rolled a j and i smoked it. we were opening all of our shows with a rather colorful introduction which featured a futuristic blue space man from the 50's? think ed wood. maybe colorful is not the right word. anyways, i was personally curious to see how people would react to the space man this time, but the blue space man had nothing to worry about. i've seen pictures of him with snoop d.o. double g. that's right. the sound was great on and offstage. i even had a monitor for my vocals and sampler which is rare. the crowd was getting bigger and bigger, the first band started playing so the show started. people were happy, celebrating. most of us were in the vip area cause we (i) are (am) snobs like that. but don't get me wrong, we were also celebrating. i bought a miller high life (32oz bottle - the champagne of beers, motherfuckers) from the gas station next door and i took it inside la covacha. lots of my friends went to that show. almost everyone in the vip were friends, and even some of the people outside with the 'regular crowd' (revenge is sweet. vip, bitches) were friends, that was a joke. i bumped into so many people i had not seen in a while. the vibe was really good at la covacha that night. the emotions are running high and peaking; i had to go back to the vip area. suddenly we are on stage, seriously, i dont remember setting up cause of what i said about the emotions being high and stuff, so the mpc is blasting the sequence, our introduction track is playing. satelite llamando a control no responde. looped over and over and there he was. the blue space man. heroic. trying to make contact with any of the millions of... wait, not really; maybe like thousands but really more like hundreds of people there at the show. it was fun seeing him do his intergalactic thing at la covacha. i remember emilio jumping around while playing the first chords of the first song and i remember the stage assistant. he looked like he wanted to kill him. everything was bouncing around. our gig went very well. we felt lots of love from the crowd, they seemed responsive and got into it. i don't recall if we closed our set with our apocalyptic version of creep but, i assume that we did play that song cause that might explain the reason behind why some of us (me) partied the rest of the evening like if we had in fact triggered armageddon. what i mean by this is that i lost my sampler that night. but, i actually got it back about a week later thanks to a good friend of mine who knew someone who worked that show setting up the stage. so, moral of the story. it is simple my friends: fuck whoever wrote arizona's anti-immigration laws.