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try try again!

Road Trip NW

So much fun playing at the 101 Public House in South Bend and at the Common Ground Farm in Oly.

Union Man

Yup. I did it. Joined the American Federation of Musicians local 99.

Recording and some Road

The EP is recorded and comped. Mixing is about to be done, with mastering close behind. February One the trip south begins. Down to Mexico and back through California.

Bookings for Fall

Here comes more shows. Colorful time of year. I know someone that sees colors when they listen to music.

New Locations!

Plews Brews and Portland Wine Cellar coming up.

Warming up the winter

Just got an invitation to open for James Talley at the Thanksgiving party at Tangoasis in Vancouver. Thank you Ralph.

The Farmers Market Bookings

Here they come!

Full moon tonight

It's time to start booking the farmers markets again. I had such a good time last year out doors.

New Moon

Got a new Virgo moon this weekend to celebrate my birthday and roll through the BBQ at Dan's.