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Industrial Wasteland vol 3 Out Now!

Industrial Wasteland vol 3 Out Now!

In case you missed it... OUT TODAY Industrial Wasteland 3! Download 51 FREE tracks from the hottest Industrial/Goth/Ebm acts around today!http://industrialwasteland.webs.com/volume3.htm

Can You Crack The Code???

New review of my album & in keeping w/the theme of the Zodiac Killer, the whole thing is in cipher code (see below).

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ATTENTION BANDS! Bluntface Records wants to hear your music!

We want to find out what we’ve been missing out on. Send us your MP3’s, and we’ll not only listen to them, but… *We’ll feature them on our website. We’ll also send out a Free Download Link to our email list and to our Facebook fans, so all of our fans & friends will get to listen to it.

*AND as a “thank you” for sharing your music with us we will give you a free download in return! You get the Bluntface release of your choice AND you’ll be eligible to receive a FREE copy of the upcoming Bluntface release by Industrial-Metal band VIRUS CYCLE and KINEL v VIRUM.

Send your music to newmusic@bluntfacerecords.com and TURN US ON!

Big things happening!

Hey everyone, Otto Kinzel here. So it looks like there will be some big things going on at our little label. First off, I'm right in the middle of producing two albums, one of which is for our newly signed band Virus Cycle. Virus Cycle is an Agro-Industrial band from Boston. They released their debut album, titled "Alice in Zombieland", in early 2011 and then released a remix version of that album at the end of the year called "Return To Zombieland". Their follow up record is being recorded by yours-truly now. We're almost done with guitars and will actually be starting vocals today! Check out Virus Cycle at www.viruscycle.com

The other album I’m producing is a side project involving Johnny Virum, who is the front man and driving force behind Virus Cycle. It'll be called KINZEL v VIRUM and is a blend of hard thrashing Industrial-Metal and ugly Techno beats. I'm really excited. It's a lot of fun to get outside your comfort zone and collaborate with another musician; especially one you really admire!

Also it looks like there will be another side-project that I’ll be doing, although this one I’m much more involved with on a musical level. I'm writing songs for an Extreme Metal project that will have a lot of elements of Grindcore & Death Metal. Phil Bruce, who is a British vocalists and writer for both Grave Concerns Magazine and Alteria Motives Ezine, will be doing the vox! It’s a bit of a slow process, seeing as how I'm here in the USA and he is across the pond in the UK, but we've got 3 songs tracked and demoed, and will be ready to start posting some snippets soon! stay tuned and as always thanks for your support!