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Show at the Crossroads

ST David is playing a show at the crossroads in Garwood, NJ @6:30 Hope to see you there -doors at 6

Got my Studio BACK!

Well the girl is finally out and the young ones have moved into her room, giving me the downstairs back. Of course if you have been reading this you know that I am trying to move!

Well after a busy week with work, looking at least 20 houses, I got really sick, brochitis again! Thinking I may have chronic bronchitis, seems to be about two to three times a year!

I do have two new songs in the works, but with this bronchitix keeping me confined I haven't been able to finissh it!

Hoepfully in a day or so I will be able to!

Yea the kids go back to school next week!

Look for a new song uploaded in two day!


Okay so we are trying to move back to Hudson River Area, miss NY, with kids and stuff it's hard to get out! The middle child came back from CALI and has taken over the downstairs (se told him he could) but now I have lost the studio I finaly set up! UGGGHHH!!!!

Looking for a place that I can have a studio in, at least a space that I can record, re-record and do vocals with no one around so I cna work in peace!

Tomarrow Sat Aug 1st we are looking at 4 places that look promising! Having the famiy move the 1st of Sept, keeping the place till Nov first for cleaning - slow move - so it's not hectic, but I think I will stay ere most of the time ! Have the place to my self to do alot of recording!

what's going on?!

So here it is a month or so later the step kid is back from Cali and I lost my studio in the lower room, family room whatever you want to call it! So now it's off to the Garage, or a studio.

Trying to find a new place to live, got to get out of here, one neighbor sucks! Called the NJSPCA - pet police - my cat had her foot messed up then it got gang green and broke off, yea kind gross, but she's as happy as a clam - well a cat, loves going outside but I can only let her out at night!

Anyways the neighbor new I spent over a 1,000.00 on her (not my idea)

trying to move to the beach area, get a larger house, more room - too many people - hopefuly the step daughter will be at Pace this coming school year!

As far as music goes have two more tunes almost done should be up soon!

About me!

Been playing Bass since I was 16. Started on Piano like most people Violin and then Clarinet! Played in High school band/orchestra Have been in Denied Existence that I promoted all over the world, we were suppose to play Donnington in 94, That fell through. The Singer Mike and I started Innoce Lost and promoted that around the world too! Two years ago I joined Italic, great music great band. Dave has taken a hiatus the past 6 months and has been working with Erban Perez of J-lo/Marc Anthony Fame. He has a recording Studio at Hellhoudrehearsal studios in Rahwa, NJ

Dave and Erban have been producing and recording local and international Acts.

After many times of almost making it I have finally started of on my own. I spent a year or so trying to get my guitar playing up to par. Now I'm no Clapton, Stills, Nash or young and fail incomparison to Tipton and Downing. But the way I play matches the music I write. Although many times I hear a riff and have to play it a hundred times or so to get it down.

I am reworking originals that I have had for years and writing new songs. Hopefully will have a CD done soon!

Hope you enjoy it!