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We're interviewed on the Rockabilly Express radio show tonight at 5PM

http://chly.ca/the-program-schedule/listen/ thanks to Ian Alexander for the interesting impromptu fairground interview

GIG! August 25th Duncan Fairgrounds: Rockabilly's Rumble!

Well we were the first band to play at the first Rockabilly's Rumble: on a Flatbed truck, with a nice cool breeze, lost of good people, cool cars=big fun! Too bad johnnyquest couldn't make it...Thanks PFC for klicking the kodak. Thanks for inviting us to play, Reg!

GIG! August 25th Duncan Fairgrounds: Rockabilly's Rumble!

We'll be raising our antennae at 11 am during the Car Show on Saturday, Aug. 25th as part of the daytime entertainment at the First Annual Rockabilly's Rumble Weekend. AND, our long-lost skin pulverizer johnnyquest will be joining us on drums! So grab a chair in the Beer Garden, ogle the fine hot rods and pinup girls all around, and we'll murderize yer eardrums with some cool sounds.

Shaken not Stirred!

We'll be playing a set at the Rock and Roll shakedown on May 19th around 6pm or so!

Live show with Hearse in March!

We'll be playing the Duncan Garage Showroom March 3rd, sharing the bill with Victoria's own Hearse! Other local gigs are on the radar as well...and 5 new songs in the works. Looks like a busy Spring coming up.


well we have about a 40 minute set now. all we need now is another gig! Starbucks' music nite was strange and almost fun, and we got about 5 songs in before they cut the power... We were semi-well-received, and politely applauded. Big thanks to Terry Gilbert for filming us, encouraging us (although he may be regretting that now), and for working on editing the videos.

Slick Daddy Cliff and the Infinite Rehabness

We miss you, maaaaan!! Just remember, if bears can do it, so can you!!

-the 'skulls


is the companion to Cold, which is also cool, and coming soon!!

Not It!

new song up!!!


new song up!! do it, man!!