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New Guitar endorsement with Zemailtis Guitars!

We are pleased to announce our new endorsement with Zemaitis guitars!!!

New Interview with Suze from Studioseeds!

We talk about my relationship with my fans!!!

UK review from Scoop Dangerous

Ever been in the situation where it is time to meet the girlfriend or boyfriends parents for the first time, we all know how that feels right? Well just Imagine if your parents are from the upper class and have a strict policy on who their daughter or son should date.

Your dads sitting their twiddling his thumbs anxious to know who his daughter has brought around for the first time, then the door rings and 2 Rockers turn up! Next thing you know its carnage with the mum and dad not taking lightly to the image of the boyfriend and the boyfriend wondering who the heck her parents are as they are at each others throats. Then the poor girlfriend is just so embarrassed with her head in her hands wondering what to say to her boyfriend?

Well the new single Socially Awkward from Bob Dee & Petro tells us that exact story. The idea behind this video is brilliant, well thought out and executed to perfection with a very talented set of actors. Socially Awkward is a track that's up beat very well produced and filled with award winning song words, which crosses and fuses enough Rock / Pop in it to make this tune a stand out track, and what an amazing way for AMG / Universal Music to introduce the world officially to Bob Dee & Petro. This is a different kind of song from Petro's normal stuff and Socially Awkward brings the fun element

Susan Sullivan
Susan Sullivan  (about 2 years ago)


New Deal with Moon Media "Muzak"

I always wanted to have one of my songs recorded by Muzak! Elevators worlwide hear we come

Great News signed licensing deal with MTV/Viacom

Thanks again to Mark Berry for our new deal with MTV/Viacom!!

Bob Dee signs new licensing deal with Asia!

Thanks to Mark Berry just signed new licensing deal with Asia! Possible tour in the works!!

Bob Dee signs with Universal Records

Exciting News Bob Dee signs with Universal Records

Bob Dee signs with Famous/Fontana/UMG Records!

Bob Dee signs new record contract with Famous/Fontana/UMG Reocords

New Film 'The Making Of Burning Rain" Out Now!

New Film Doc on "The Making Of Burning Rain" Features Bob Dee & BAnd The recording process to Tour footage Live in JApan!

Bob DEE at the Engine Room studios in NYC

Bob DEE recording vocals at the world famous Engine Room Audio studios in NYC. New songs include "Kiss, Kiss" and "Bones"