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Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 24

Feeling good I make breakfast as we start the process of looking for gigs along the way, here we go. Five more shows before we leave the central coast. Really looking forward to playing Croad Vineyard this weekend for the wine festival it is so beautiful. Kreuzberg tomorrow night its a Dylan tribute night, the Porch on Thursday then CRoad. Riggs has left to work for four or five days so we have the house to ourselves and looking after the animals. Gotta try out this microphone its unbelievable so I guess this blog gets to wait another day. Loved that impromptu gathering yesterday and a special thank you to Stew & Michele for bringing me flowers from their amazing garden. Okay sad news from home and there is nothing I can do from here so all my best wishes and love to the Gandy family sorry to hear about Val passing. My uncle needs to recover quickly how dare he scare us like that lol yeah I know that microphone is calling till later xxxx

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 23

Up and running off to Sculpterra .This fog is so disconcerting but I hear that it is gray May and June Gloom in parts of this beautiful place. I layer my clothing feeling the chill and we drive away from the fog into blinding sunshine. Mothers day at Sculpterra. Our friends have come to listen Chris Dunne and Rebecca. Dr Margaret came also making it a nice gang of folk. We played without the need to tune what a blessing and the folk that played before and after us were all great. We headed back to Riggs with me deciding I needed jeans before we got home so shop I did. Oh no I could have shopped for hours however I contained myself with some black singlet tshirts and a pair of jeans. It could have been so much more..... We head home Chris & Rebecca are there,the studio is getting shifted around and voila the studio looks like a studio again. Bringing the gear up those damned stairs phew thank goodness Pauli is good at this. Stewie & Mischa arrive with some of their red red wine, I get to entertain while the boys get the sound together instant party. Happy happy joy it sounds great and I am a very happy camper. Guess it is time to eat as it is now 6.00 and I ate a bowl of cereal at 11.00 am. So coleslaw,potato salad the best avocados I have ever eaten and a spicy rice chicken & peppers dish and I have fed everyone. Phew back into the studio for some more playing after everyone goes home Dana and Dr Margaret show their appreciation and we get to chat with Dana. Okay bed it is and we turn off all the lights using my tiny led torch we sneak in.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 22

Gather winebar in Arroyo Grande what a lovely spot. The whole street looks so cute,everything has been renovated and is looking good. Gather is a cool spot great ambiance and Kari & Tim made us most welcome. It was good night and we can play there again so that's always a good sign. Sunglasses vanished into the ether and we know Sculpterra is tomorrow so bed was looking good.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 21

Friday Friday, rehearsal then off to Faultline Music to buy some guitar stands and another keyboard stool. Mine is so comfortable that Paul needed one. The gear sounds great in Riggs Studio and we had the best jam ever xxxxx

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 20

Sunshine and birds singing,painting of the room in the studio at Riggs. Traveled to Pismo Beach which is a lovely spot to put in a guest appearance at Matthias Mic Check night Shell Cafe. Managed to pop down the road and get some posters up in Arroyo Grande for the gig at Gather Wine bar on Saturday night before we headed back to Pismo Beach. What a nice bunch of musicians and a lovely cafe watching the sun go down was a treat. We would have taken pictures but the camera battery was flat. So fun was had by all, we played some originals and that old chestnut Whole Lotta Love with the band. It was really enjoyable.Matthias and his wife Katie have a band called The Cry so The Sign and The Cry had their first gig together hope to do it again. I guess I have caught up to the blog and now I will try to stay with it. Yeah right. Its cooled right down and there are a thousand stars in the night sky absolutely breathtaking. Goodnight talk to you tomorrow.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 19

Out of bed early and off to the mechanics can't seem to fix that aircon unit in the car oh no so he suggests a friend of his in Templeton. We had yet another mechanics appointment in Atascadero so off we travel eat breakfast at Dennys and deliver the car. Well a couple of hours later the car is fixed which is great and we are off to the Autocool guy. He can do it so Paulie drops me back at Trader Joes and heads back into Templeton. I get my facebook fix ,read my emails drink iced coffee. I am so grateful for the down time,hair appointments the mundane stuff has to get done.Pauli arrives with glazed donuts yum really yum. and we head home. I make curry and we go up to the studio for a couple of hours rehearsal then eat. Its 95 degrees on average so its been hot. Listen to a radio station in Cambria which only plays 30,s and 40,s music with no ads suddenly remembering why I loved that orchestration and those beautiful arrangements. My Kindle has been a source of joy with so many new authors from Smash words and great tales to inspire this imagination even further. RACT applies in America at a basic level woohoo driving to New York and down to the Carolinas is not so worrisome. There is a wedding reception to attend in June in Los Angeles so it looks like we wont be heading out till after the 9th of June. The brain is whirring and sleep seems so far away. Tomorrow is another day I think we might be playing and The Gather Wine bar in Arroyo Grande had been saying nice things and advertising us which is always good. Till later xxx

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 18

We need mic stands and the car needs to be checked out the air conditioning needs fixing and that damned belt. So off we go to visit town and locate some places in Atascadero and we also visit Fault Line cool music shop with the latest Roland offerings and guitars from France. John the owner is great we got our boom stands and my seat swapped some information and we headed home.I had shopped a little so we had dinner and then bed. This is the week for getting stuff done before the next run of gigs. Talked to Gabes in Los Angeles and we will see him soon. Still no service in the mountains.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 17

Monday a day of rest so we rested.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 16

First time I have laid in bed and read my Kindle downloaded some great books from SmashWords. All new authors and some great stories. I rouse my bones out of bed, do my thing shower etc. Wander down stairs and it is time to go. So we jump in the car and start it up get 10 meters and lose power steering. Oh no, the belt has come off. Ring Sculpterra we may not get there on time. The boys work on the car reattach the belt, tighten the tensioner and we are again on our way. We get to Sculpterra it blows my mind every time. We are playing outside under a tent like structure, it is a warm Californian Sunday. We are the last act and play to an appreciative audience and was invited to play another song. Okay four gigs in a row, feeling whipped we head for Walmart that car phone charger we left home mmmm. Get some of my favorite candies, 35 bottles of water and bread. Go to O'Reillys car parts to check whether there is a tool to tighten that tensioner then head home. Paulie has to work on the car tightening it up all I can say is thank goodness it happened where we could fix it and not in the desert or coming down the mountain no power steering, no alternator and no air con equals no fun. Make tea and stir fry chicken. The washing has to get done and its off to bed. Tomorrow is another day and yes there is stuff to do xxxxx

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 15

We have to be up by 8.00 and the smell of coffee is in the air. There are our hosts and a good friend John we eat mexican sweetbread and almond butter on tortillas. Shoot the breeze then the boys have to get to work on the car back down to the auto parts store and they perform surgery with precision. I get to play in the gallery what a great sound in amidst some wonderful art. Yahoo success the car is working. Kevin arrives to go get some brunch and off we go. Downtown Ventura is pretty and the food was great. It's all good Gumbo File and something else that was really hot then we took Kevin back to Art City and we headed back up the Coast. The Pacific Ocean is beautiful and we are running along the coast through Santa Barbara. Arriving in San Luis Obispo we decide to stay at Dr Margarets who has already put clean towels out and she lives two blocks from the coffeehouse Linnaeas. There is a nasty cold going around up here so fingers crossed. We showered got changed went to this cute Mexican place and had the best burrito, then off to the gig. A lovely night acoustic all the way. Tired and satisfied we head back to Templeton with the largest full moon of the year shining down deer wandering across the road and a skunk. We reach our destination I bring in Riggs supplies and we go to bed, Sculpterra Vineyard on Linne Road will be the next destination Sunday afternoon.Bed feels great.