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29 Palms USA Tour 2012 Day 4

Wow what a night. Went to the Cactus Bar tonight to see Tite Fitt, really nice people and good band. Twenty minutes into the night there are people running up the street. Ring 911! this pickup has smashed into a palm tree which lucky for us prevented the truck taking out the bar. Three cars are involved, the frontend of the pickup is pushed to the drivers seat, the women gets out and is walking. Relief, no deaths, then twenty minutes later Paulie is jamming with Johnnie and the drummer and all these firetrucks race past the bar. There is a big house fire one street down! We finish up the night after being invited to play Thursday. Walking to the car in billowing smoke, The Sign called it a night. Way too much excitement in our immediate vicinity. The Sign is in town.

29 Palms USA Tour 2012 Day 3

We are organized. Got the phone, got the posters and cd cases. Get to see Anna & Johnnie tomorrow night at The Cactus, play a set, borrow a few mic stands for rehearsal over the next three days. Looking forward to Saturday night in LA catching up with some old friends then up to Riggs to start our round of gigs. Everything works but Paulies guitar is grounding out so he needs some metal to stop the buzz. Boy will you be entertained when I explain how xxx. Lots of love and peace. It"s 12.30 nearly in high desert time. The Sign arrived with a spectacular meteor a celestial morning encounter.

29 Palms USA Tour 2012 Day 2

On the hunt for a mobile phone sim card and CD standard jewel cases... nowhere to be found in 29 Palms or Yucca Valley. We've been to the desert on a horse with no name (our Chevy). We did get Whoppers and Sweet tarts at the Dollar store though! Not available in Tasmania. Will get the sim and cases in Palm Springs tomorrow, an hour drive away... ugggg. T-Mobile and Office Depot here we come...

LA - 29 Palms USA Tour 2012

After a 13 hour flight and many movies later we finally arrived in LA at 0700. It was a bit rough flying (a little nerve racking) at times but all in all a good flight with some pretty decent food! When we were going through customs the attendant asked us "is there really a place called 29 Palms"? I laughed and said yeah.. that's where we are going to Kill Bill.... If you don't know, they filmed a bit of the movie (Kill Bill) there. Hung around the airport till Russ picked us up at 0930 and drove another 2.5hrs to home at 29 Palms. Looking at the musical gear I noticed Jo's amp had a nice crack in the back corner. So much for the "FRAGILE" sticker... all else was fine. Russ made a nice dinner of pork chops on the grille. Happy, fed and time for sleep.....

Sydney... day 1. USA Tour 2012

Arrived in Sydney with no dramas... got to the hotel, Jo forgot my backpack in the transfer bus....oops. I grabbed the amps and brought them into the hotel came back for the bags and Jo followed with the guitars. Noticed my backpack wasn't amongst the luggage....After a call to the bus driver, bus returns 10 minutes later with my backpack. Whew....

Hobart Regatta

Well got home from playing on the Edge stage at 1.20 then under the grandstand for the flavour of the regatta. Nice space under the grandstand its indoors in case the weather sucks, there is some nice wine, food ,coffee and of course fine tasmanian music. The Sign are playing at 3.00 see you there. It was lovely to catch up with The Sketches and Deb Manskey Alan Gogoll is a fine player and Jed Appleton is pretty talented. Of course I am biased towards The Sign but I am allowed to be. XXXXX Now we are on our way to the next gig a house party oh yeah fun fun fun.

Tokyo Tour 2011/Kansai Music Conference

Conference day.....Osaka Museum of History.... cool place and great venue. Very well organized by Duane. Saw some really cool stuff and made some new contacts again. Can't wait to get home though...

Tokyo Tour 2011/Kansai Music Conference

Fan-J in Osaka (Sunday) was another great show.... we were second last band to play and used the backing tracks. Another cool live house with pros running the show... Sold some CD's and made new friends and contacts. We got so excited because when we were leaving, all the musicians and people who were there gave us a standing ovation and clapped and yelled Aussie, Aussie!!!! What a freakin buzz!

Tokyo Tour 2011/Kansai Music Conference

Edee's Bar was great last night. It is owned by Edee who is a Beatles fanatic... kinda looks like George Harrison.... and is in a Beatles tribute band called The Realize.... They are really good! We watched a video of a concert they recently played and I was impressed...He also plays in other bands and is a great guitarist.......and Betty, his wife who is also a talented singer/songwriter. We played first for about an hour and at the end we got an encore and played Whole Lotta Love and blew away the audience. Then Edee and Betty played for an hour. After that we had a jam with Edee and Betty and a bunch of musos who were in the audience (cahon, bass, guitars, vocals) and had a blast! Just about everyone bought a CD afterwards and we were all happy!! We stayed till about 0200 and Edee drove us to our hotel which was very close to his house. Beautiful place... beautiful people..... much fun!

Tokyo Tour 2011/Kansai Music Conference

Well..... time to go to Osaka. Made it to Haneda airport with no problem on the Asakusa line. Straight to the terminal. When we arrived there was hardly any English being translated like at Narita airport as we were in the domestic terminal. We found our way to the ticket counter and checked our bags and went through security without a hitch. At the terminal we caught a bus to the jet that took about 10 minuter to get to. We thought WTF? Very strange indeed. We caught a really cool black jet called "Ninja Star Flyer". All black leather seats too with complimentary videos and music and maps built into the seats in front of us. About one hour later we arrived at Osaka airport. Again... not much English but we found the train to where we needed to go and managed to find our hotel. The hotel name was in Japanese so we were really lucky to find it. We asked a girl at a local cafe and she pointed it out to us. We were actually across the street from it! Found a local grocery store as we usually do and got some munchies and Blendy stick coffee (10 packs instant cappuccino). Spent the rest of the time figuring out where we have to go the rest of the time here. Google glory......