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Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 44

There is not much to talk about the boys are putting in a automatic door opener.

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 43

Well its still hot and we are resting up.

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 42

Mmmm all I can say is it is damned hot. I believe it hit 108 degrees around 3.00 p.m. Thank goodness for swamp coolers and fans. Cannot play, there is no respite from this heat. At 11.00 pm it was 87 degrees. By 1.00 a.m I could play my guitar it was only 80 degrees. Night is my day now as the day passes in a blur of heat.

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 41

Packed up, checked out and off we go heading back to 29 Palms. I love the mountains and huge chunks of rocks that are dotted across the terrain. Joshua trees in abundance then there are very few. Jimson weed grows wild along the roadside its a very bizarre countryside. The temperature is supposed to be 102 we left before it got too hot. Surprise its a 112 degrees as we hit the halfway point. There is no civilization, no houses, no gas stations. Ah.. Roy's.. the scene for a thousand movies. $5.20 a gallon for unsuspecting tourists who did not fill up. Its really hot now we get home around 3.00 and melt into the house. Air con swamp coolers really help but our room even with the air con is still too hot. Oh well that's the desert I guess. Till tomorrow xx

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 40

I played some slot machines, lost some money but I won it back, relief washed over me. I scurried away after my slip was cashed up. Its so blinking hot we nap we know that is the way to deal with the heat. Caesars Palace is quite unbelievable. Its huge and covers a lot of area. I will put up the photos sometime. Well, we have eaten really well and its time to head out to the Freakin Frog. Howard explains the concept of the Improv night. It is a chance for up & coming bands to show their stuff. This bar has a 1000 beers and six hundred types of whiskey unbelievable. Water is absolutely necessary as Howard tells us of lead singers who did not hydrate and collapsed. It was 100 degrees and still 87 degrees when we went to play. Its a nice bar away from the strip. Jazz band plays first, then another duo and of course The Sign. I am not drinking due to dehydration concerns alcohol that is and sculling water like there is no tomorrow. Some lovely people we met in Paso Robles came and saw us play. Jane & Phil thank you. Russ & Kathy are wonderful they trooped to the bar with us and were very gracious. We played pretty good and passed our audition so the next time we want to come back to Vegas Howard will put us on with a band that has sponsors and an audience we deserve woo hoo. Back to Flamingos shower bed please. HOT HOT HOT

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 39

Vegas here we come. Packed the car and actually got all the gear in plus suitcases. Yes, suitcases! Two days in Vegas requires clothes. Man its hot. We check into Flamingos on the Strip and there are hundreds of tourists everywhere. Unpack then off to see the sights.... well casinos, slot machines, lots of machines and people. Pink Chilean flamingos quite beautiful cruise in their space and poi in the pools outside the main dining area. Only in Vegas.

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 38

Oh no... I forgot to mention Pauli lost his glasses. Bad thing to do. He has no spares. Actually lost them Friday. I did not want to remind him lol. New prescription from our optician and waiting to get to a spectacle maker. Not today, probably Thursday after Vegas. Nice get together at Herb & Michelle with Herbs family. Stuffed with pasta salad and pulled pork cooked in banana leaves. Home and its 87 degrees hot hot hot. Just cooling down. Yep I have caught up on the blog. We play in Vegas at the Freakin Frog Wednesday. Driving to Vegas tomorrow lunch time sleep is calling. There will be tomorrow xxxxx

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 37

Well back in 29 Palms, blow that air mattress up, remake the bed twice after a two and a half hour drive from Santa Monica. Tired kids we are. Nice to be back in the desert. Quiet dinner at home with family. Thanks Russ & Kathy. Invited to Herb & Michelle's for memorial day bbq.... sleep

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 36

Winnetka and off to the Greek festival that we advertised last night. Lots of people, food and dancing. We eat yummy sweets and take some home for the boys. Get ready for Rusty's Sufr Ranch gig...here we go. Its a cool night on the Santa Monica Pier. We play great and then pack up heading back for the desert. Bye LA....

Rolling Hills USA Tour 2012 Day 35

CBS studios and vocal takes not mine. Wow the drove downtown is pretty cool lots of tourists. New sunnies and back to Rolling Hills. Play for Jack & Stacey then jump in the car radio at 8.00 with Cameron and we need to pick Gabes up. Traffic memorial day weekend. Normal people head out of the city not us of course.. Radio with six million listeners and then dinner in Sherman Oaks. Baby clam chowder and a side of sauteed mushrooms. Onward to a rocking gig with Magruder, Mark, Gary and mates xxxx Late night I played auto harp and heard a song "I cant believe I douched for you" on autoharp. Have a listen its a gas. We jammed til 4.00am. Magruder gave us his room xxxxx Great night