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Rolling Hills USA Tour 2012 Day 34

Gated communities and a lovely family reunion. Great studio with those most beautiful instruments, really aware children and intelligent adults mmmm. Out to a yummy Chinese meal home and bed. A beautiful guest room night xxxxx

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 33

Ready to head to Leona Valley near Elisabeth Lake and after a lunch with Riggs we all head out in different directions. Get to Jeff &Karons around 5.00 wow what a beautiful meal baby back ribs..... some good times with good people.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 32

Tuesday well barbecue with friends,packing to head back to that lost city of angels

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 31

Monday Monday is another day in paradise.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 30

Croad the second day sunday another beautiful day and I apologize for not mentioninhg our bestest friends came to see us on Saturday xxxx. We play for three hours then a small private concert for some interstate visitors Jane & Phil live in Vegas and say they will see us at the Freakin Frog 30th May yesssiree. Tired tired but wait there is more we go to Michele & Stewies for a lovely dinner we love you guys and of course Mr Riggs. Chris it was lovely to see you and Skye Jack & Bryce what great people. Off home to bed.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 29

Yes Croad Vineyard what a beautiful day we played for a pretty full house all day. Four & half hours joys oh joys did I mention that great band we saw last night called the peculiar pretzel men they are worth seeing. We also went to 15c for a garagista night mmmm whites and reds all of which were pretty decent then home, cook dinner sleep glorious sleep.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 28

Okay so who suddenly disappeared from view then yes it was a day off.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 27

The Porch Gayle Skidmore provided a delicate fragile haunting set to end Songwriters at Play showcase. We had worked at getting the studio functional and boy did I tell you about that wonderful sushi place in Creston road and then the natural sulfur springs where we soaked off that on tour stuff. MMMM my skin was silk and my silver necklace was black but my diamonds are shimmering. Sulfur who knew? Okay its another day over sounds like Lennon and these bones are heading for bed. Talk to you soon.

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 26

Got to sleep in after a funny night,frivolity and fun. Hot, hot, hot Pauli hit some golf balls, I chased a gig or two had a sleep then out for some yummy sushi at Samurai Restaurant. Off to the natural sulfur springs a couple of hours soaking then home. Yoshi & Leica Thanks for a lovely night. The Porch Thursday night should be nice company. Pizza it is......

Templeton USA Tour 2012 Day 25

Another beautiful day, rehearsal, food Kreutzberg Gallery for the Dylan Tribute. Well I thought I would get out of my jeans even though I had decided it was casual being a book shop college town show. No way Jose so we head out and it was a great show. Banjos Rock met some nice people, played some Dylan, listened to Dylan hope he got those royalties for us performing his songs. What a nice birthday !!!! Having Wednesday as a day off, Thursday the Porch. So looking forward to playing at Croad Vineyard on the weekend. Might go to the hot springs. Its keeping around 30 Celsius and 9 degrees overnight and no mist yahoo.