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Heading East Day 54

Well I know I mentioned traffic snarl it was a man with a gun threatening to jump off the bridge and he did jump but was rescued. We are talking four hours delay here minimum. Yes its last nights news that I found out. On the way to Georgia its a four state hop, hard to believe we can jump so many states. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama then Georgia all in six hours. Peach tree City what a great place. Phew time off is good.

Heading East Day 53

Okay up early on the road to New Orleans which is in Louisiana. Bridges and Bayous damned hot. Traffic snarls argh its a nine hour drive without interruptions. Get to the motel 9.30, driving since 10.00 its now humid and hot. Experienced a downpour of rain from the skies above that washed the car and made driving impossible then ten minutes later its clear again. Phew that motel is looking good. Off to Atlanta Georgia tomorrow night kids xxx

Heading East Day 52

Okay feeling human, out for breakfast and we are on the mission to check out the guitar stores. Meet a lovely man who runs the acoustic area at Guitar centre, he invites us to play at his show in Jollyville. Hell yeah we are up for it. Checked out another electric guitar store that just has the most beautiful American made electric guitars, hand wired effects boxes and gorgeous custom amps. MMMM makes me want to play electric. People are warm and friendly must be the weather. Head back to our motel Austin is a myriad of ring roads and argh took a good forty minutes in circles we went. Checked the guitars and truss rods need adjustments. Out to Wally Mart to get some sockets, emergency surgery, shower then off to play. Great gig played well, sold cds and got tips. Doug is a lovely player with some fine originals. Thank you Austin we will be back. Met Ted, a drummer and David and Edward. Good night xxx

Heading East Day 51

Found a place to play in Roswell.On the road to Austin its green interesting I thought it would be desert, there are oil rigs but its green. OMG wind turbines hundreds set along the mesa as far as the eye can see. Oh yes forgot to mention we spotted a nuclear power plant and there are lots of cows. Like Sweet water and there are lots of pretty little towns. Its green, green, green. Get in about 10.00 pm its really hot no surprises there. There is a big bike rock rally, literally thousands of bikes and motels are scarce. Success, bath and sleep.

Heading East Day 50

Tucson to Roswell New Mexico, its pretty dry and still hot. Roswell is a city don't let the series fool you. Checked into our Motel 6 had a spa and a swim then out for food. Worse Denny's ever. Back to bed and cows smell everywhere must be the anal probes.

Heading East Day 49

We head out to Arizona, pit stop for water and supplies, then onward to Arizona. Sure is hot. Stopped in Tucson met a lovely fella by the name of Phil a solo artist. Its still hot.

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 48

.Played 29 Palms inn nice gig, around the pool a balmy 85 degrees and a really appreciative audience. The car is packed and we leave tomorrow

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 47

Getting ready for the trip back east. Contacting venues,plotting the journey as we decided not to go to San Diego.

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 46

Russell baked a cake and we went to the drive in to see The Avengers and Battleship. Good birthday,balmy weather ,deckchairs,popcorn and pizza.

Los Angeles USA Tour 2012 Day 45

Success the door opener works and no more push and pull in 105 degree heat.