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Heading East Day 64

The guy fixing the car really cut his arm up with changing a tractor tyre oh no will the car get done? It does get finished Paul goes to an Blues Jam the girls stay home. I got this vertigo from blocked sinuses ewww. Dizzy all the time can't walk without staggering and vomiting. Oh well Doctor Paul fixed it before he went out and the girls stayed in and watched a movie with Queen Latifa. Had a great Shrimp Pasta and a coconut icecream for dessert. Had to keep my neck straight for a few hours and two pillows. Pray its gone tomorrow. The boys had a fun night with Paul playing Marks lovely guitar, beautiful workmanship if only. My guitar needs a neck reset argh .....

Heading East Day 63

Off to the mechanic shoot me now 700.00 out the window in a blink of the eye and we are now grounded till the car is fixed. The Wall with Roger Waters is in town and the mechanic has the afternoon planned to the gig. So no car. Okay..... went for a swim at half moon lake cool place and met Susie who is lovely. Off to play at the Fillin station down the road. An important night the Russell clan are playing and being video taped. Loretta Lynns daughter,grandchildren and son in law. What nice people and we played to a great response. Unexpected pleasures.

Heading East Day 62

Tennessee here we come. OMG the last 150 miles five minute stops all the way what is the problem? Is it the fuel pump? We get to Mark & Troys pretty fried with pulling off to the shoulder every five minutes with a dead car then it starts up. It stops going up hills,it stops in three lane traffic argh.

Heading East Day 61

Played at Maguires Irish Pub in Sinoia nice place. Fathers Day brunch and we are welcome to play there again which is always wonderful. Golf Carting around the neighborhood,a trip to the lake and watching the sun set then frozen yoghurt. Home and prepare for tomorrow trip to Nashville.

Heading East Day 60

Culdesac party in Marble Court Peach tree City. Some beers and good neighbors, amps and guitars in the driveway oh yeah . Then over to Senoia where they filmed Driving Miss Daisy, Scenes from the walking dead and other well known movies. Went to Maguire's an Irish Pub and we have a Fathers day brunch gig woohoo and another party in the afternoon. What fun! We also went to Zach Browns new place, he actually played and the stage is above the bar pretty cool. More tomorrow night. The new song was a hit today I am calling it "Give You Satisfaction". I guess its finished. The Sign are cooking.

Heading East Day 59

Resting up, finishing that new song. Saw some of Pierre's photography exploits. Wow he is wonderful. Some amazing work. Paulie gets up in the early morning like 3.30 a.m. turns on the lights in the kitchen. There is a blaze of light then he comes back to bed with the lyrics for a wait for it... country song Bahahaha. Lord I am being punished.

Heading East Day 58

Went shopping. Yep I know no room for any extra weight but my new acquisitions can go in my backpack as they are all lightweight. Nearly finished a new song its girly for goodness sake. Did you hear me it is girly!!!!!!

Heading East Day 57

Quiet day, pretty warm catching up on my ebook reading. Amanda Ackers what a neat concept. Fantasy of course. Our friends in Nashville are very excited about us coming to visit. Pierre is just lovely and has been wonderful. Great neighborhood, get to play for the neighbors at a culdesac party. Going garage sale hunting tomorrow but setting the AKG microphone up tonight for some vocals on some of Pierre's music later tonight. Stone mountain on Saturday for the laser light show yeah.

Heading East Day 56

Taking it easy,checked out the Amphitheatre and the Boulevard. Beautiful skateboard park and BMX track. Teens with golf carts what fun. 80 degrees and beers with the neighbors a lovely night. Wrote some lyrics and feeling rested finally.

Heading East Day 55

Peachtree City is the place for me. What a well thought out City. Trees and lakes with golf cart tracks all around and of course golf courses. Malls but tastefully placed, Chick Fi-A wins my vote as one of the best chicken sandwiches. No commercial buildings are to be seen and well designed. All in all very nice. Pierre is just lovely and we have a golf cart at our disposal. Fun tomorrow as we get the hang of the lovely wooded tracks avoiding the poison ivy. Humid weather but no rain as yet. Till tomorrow campers.