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Wednesday May 7 – Day 7

Better sleep last night. Woke up around 7:00am. Actually getting used to getting up early. Came inside and worked on the laptop for a bit then went back to our room to relax and watch an old movie Scanners. Haven’t seen that movie for a while. Just kickin back today and do a little rehearsing before dinner. Had to reset the bloody guitar tuners. For some reason they were messed up and not working properly, so I got a pin and pushed it in the little hole in the front and working fine again. Damn..... Tuned the guitars to open C and had a play. Still feeling wasted.


Tuesday May 6 – Day 6

Well no Pappy and Harriet’s last night (still too wasted due to weird sleeping hours) and no mechanic to fix the car. Asswipe said he would be over at 0800 and waited until 0900 to say he wasn’t coming even after Russ called him at 0830 and said he would come. What a dick. Looking for other options now. Rented a car for the LA duration. Got a nice Nissan Sentra in Yucca Valley. On the way back to 29, stopped in a music store to buy a boom mic stand. No mic stand for sale but the lady in the shop was very nice and talked and talked and talked..... I couldn't get away until somebody came and I found my opportunity. She was very entertaining and funny though. Another stop at a music shop in Joshua Tree but too much money. So, off to the local library to print out some posters for the Joshua Tree Saloon gig on Saturday. Quite noisy for a library. It was pretty full for a library. Babies crying and people talking. I was on the phone to my cousin and the lady told me to keep it down. WTF? Maybe I was a bit loud on the phone only to get over all the noise! Anyway, back to 29 Palms to get ready for Ted’s jam night at Joshua Tree Saloon at 7:00pm. We were welcomed with a warm reception from old friends we haven’t seen since the last time we were there. Had a fun jam with the JT band and then played a few of our tunes. A drummer came up to play with us and then a bass player and another guitarist joined us on stage. Too much fun! Still feeling jet lagged we decided to call it a night, go find food mm honey barbecued chicken strips for Jo and Buffalo style strips for me...the five strips proved to be two to many so lunch for tomorrow. We ate and straight to bed, had a cute phone call with the grandson till the call of his soccer mates was too much for him. It has been so windy and quite cool almost desert wintry but great for sleeping. Maybe the jet lag is done, hope so ...this time it has taken a while to recover. Thank goodness no show the night we arrived or even Monday I think Thursday should be about right. It is time to start rehearsals again excited....


Monday May 5 – Day 5

Cinco de Mayo (May 5) A holiday created by white Americans for an excuse to get pissed (as in drunk). Has nothing to do with Mexico. Okay woke at 4.00 a.m and read until the sun came up. Been busy now and I am heading back to bed lol. Got to get a couple of mic stands and some posters made, it is all good. The sun is shining a little too brightly and wispy white clouds are sleeping in the beautiful blue sky. With any luck Pappy & Harriets tonight, but if we are too wasted that's life and sleep sometimes is more important. later ... Fresh homemade hot tamales sold from the back of a station wagon in the Stater Brothers parking lot were fantastic! Pork, beef and cheese wrapped in a corn husk and hot.... mmmmmm delicious.


Sunday May 4 – Day 4

Our poor Chevy does not want to start. Before we arrived my brother bought a new battery and starter but it does not want to turn over. I worked on it for a couple of hours but to no avail the motor will not budge. It sat in the driveway for almost two years but that shouldn’t have been a problem. Call a mechanic. Ah the desert ....it is really nice weather perfect around 90 ...cool of a night a snow capped mountain and Joshua trees leaning toward the sun. Got a mobile that works well a sim with a new number ...the bed is comfortable and we are almost over the jet lag...nearly. Great flight from Sydney to LA service all the way ..bloody Marys and four great movies . A medical emergency broke the monotony in a major way pleased to report no one died. Okay so I (Jo) am off to shop.... Foraging ... So jet lag grabbed me and I slept from 3.00 in the afternoon till 8.30 ...sheesh I am getting older not that I need reminding ..... Awake now, feeling good actually ...which is cool... It was hot, now pleasantly cooler ...


Saturday May 3 - Day 3 (Day 3 because of the time difference)

We will call it Day 3 though as to not make it so confusing, especially for me. It’s weird that we arrive the same day we left after 14 hours of flying. We disembark from the plane and get to customs; again it seems like another half a kilometre walk. As I am an American citizen we go to the US side of things. No real dramas there and it’s off to get our luggage. All good and nothing destroyed. After about a twenty minute wait, my brother Russ picks us up and it’s off to the desert at 29 Palms where he lives about 2.5 hours away from LAX. Relax..... I forgot to mention no sleep on the flight.


Saturday May 3 - Day 2

We take the 0750 shuttle to Sydney International airport. Pierre (our mate who works for Delta) says get there about three hours early so we do. The shuttle driver drops us off about a half a kilometre from the Delta check in as there was nowhere to pull over sooner. We get to the check in counter and weigh our bags and do the paper work. We are then told we have been upgraded to business class (cool) but the flight is full (not so cool) and over booked. We are flying on “buddy passes” (that’s flying standby) so we are now a little nervous we will not make the flight. As we are used to flying like this in previous trips to the US, we thought if we missed that flight there’s always tomorrow. That’s the price of saving about $600.00 each. At 1030 the flight closes and at 1050 we hear our names called to get the boarding passes. Woo hoo! We made the flight but the attendant said she was sorry we didn’t get business class. Are you kidding me? Who cares? We made the flight! Aside from the seats it was almost like business class. We started with snacks and FREE alcohol, then lunch and FREE alcohol, then snacks again and FREE alcohol, then dinner and FREE alcohol and finally breakfast before we landed. Fourteen hours in the sky wasn't all that bad. A boat load of movies to watch and about four hours of listening to my iPod made the trip a breeze.. and don’t forget the FREE alcohol!


Friday May 2 - Day 1

Running around like a chook with its head cut off getting last minute things ready and final packing. A trip to the hair dressers for Jo and detuning guitars and packing guitars and stuff for me. Thanks to our wonderful daughter for taking us to the airport with grandson in tow we made it to Hobart airport with no dramas. The trip to Sydney was delayed but uneventful. Gathered our bags and off to the shuttle to take us to the Ibis Hotel, just a short ride away. Feeling a bit peckish we go to Macca’s which is just a short walk from the hotel. I order a couple of chicken wraps and when the order comes we get two happy meals. WTF? The guy says he misheard me and a few minutes later the wraps arrive for the price of the happy meals that were cheaper. Yay. Hunger satisfied, we go back to the hotel and it’s off to sleep.


Here we go again on our way to the US to record our new CD and play our way across the coasts.

One day soon

One day soon I will get to the end of the tour. Just been soooo busy.

Heading East Day 65

The car runs like it should, justified the hole in the budget and we will leave for Ohio tomorrow. Having a house party at Troy & Marks they have been wonderful.We are so blessed that car broke in the right place. Playing tomorrow night then heading out to OHIO. Tomorrow is another day. Have two gigs in Rochester so far with another couple of guest spots plus we can play in Nashville at three places so thats good given we did not get out of the house so to speak. Going downtown to Music Row tomorrow night. It will be fun. Oh the bugs in Tennessee are pretty fullon and its humid plus hot. Love the swim in Half Moon Lake its glorious just noodling and the fish are biting and eating insects. The top of the water is warm and cool water underneath. Beautiful days who needs a car?