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here's a new track...."time, so it seems" b

Happy spring! It's been a very breezy and crisp day outside...the weather's been mild and chilly...and it's perfect writing and recording weather...I just posted this neat little tune I wrote...."so it seems" I hope you enjoy...I feel really grateful and blessed to have written so much so far this year in 2012....I keep you posted about a record....download this song...share it with friends...spread the word...I'll have this as a track to buy and a ringtone too!!!!! I love you guys...thanks for supporting my music as brown*apple^......

Happy holiday season....from my little home to yours:)

Merry Kringle and Happy holidays to all those who support me and my life long dream of music...I wish you great joy, love, warmth...I hope you find relief and a home in my songs:) I'm working on a new record right now..with completely new material...I will post some rough takes soon here on reverb. lol shawn :)

majestiks tracks newly recovered and posted.

Today I have just posted some lost tracks from my alternative/jam band "the majestiks" Please enjoy them and let me know what you think!!!!! I was really excited to hear the potentail in these lo fi tracks. the songs are "weekend," "tangled," "ocean captain," "little bit more," and "far side of the world." They were recorded in my home basement, aka studio Y in 2005. Wade Queen, Jason Parker, and Greg Melejko shared instruments, laughs, beer, mac n cheese, production, nerves and migranes.

by "let her go" from reverbnation store.

I am so happy to offer "let her go" for sale on my reverbnation store. I believe it's on I-tunes and cd baby too. It's produced during a long rainy May evening with a great artist Paul Warner, who wrote "Deadly Waterparks." Thanks to Paul for his inspiration and hard work. Check it out, and if you like it, buy it!!!!! and tell all your friends! thanks! smh 8.12.11

Thanks for a wonderful time at "Songs for Kids" good to see ya all there!

I truly enjoyed such a fine event, to help inspire children in need with love through the power of music!

I played Buddy Holly's "everyday" and got in on the action with Micheal Jackson, the Beatles, Travelin Willburies, and Hall and Oates!

great time! see ya soon at a new show! s

Shawn M. Haney performs at "songs for kids" 2011!!!!! all are invited!!!

I am recovering from a head cold! I should be fine by Friday! all of you, I encourage you to attend my performance this Friday night at Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta for the "500 songs for kids foundation" event, year #5!!!!! I will be playing upstairs at about 11pm!!!!! don't miss out! bring your friends, family and invite all!!!!! It's means a lot to see ya all there!!!! Should be a great night of great food and music!!!!! Let's help raise money to inspire and bring the joy and love of music into children's hospitals and camps.....to brighten their lives!!!!

Another big recording I posted! "forever, at last" enjoy!

I am happy with a rough sketch of a new song written and recorded tonight..... called, "forever, at last"....for Maria.... I hope you enjoy.... I've had a fulfilling and productive day...now I can sleep!

thrilled to be recording in studio, writing new songs! happy Easter!

Today I updating my reverbation page...and I'm thrilled to annouce the creation of three new songs..... "toil and strife", "backpacker's delight" and "whatever the cost"..... they aren't quite finished, as my dear friend Paul Warner is helping me work on those in the studio in the Highlands of Atlanta..... We are having fun, and the process is tedious, though running more and more smoothly! Can't wait for the finished product....what an advnenture....As I travel to Chicago and Wisconsin this spring, as well as do some beach gazing in Savannah with brother Paul....I will be in full songwriting mode! I hope to have my first acousic record out within the year! thanks! rough drafts of those three songs will be posted here soon!

excited of the spring! new shows, new songs....a record in the works!!!!

It's late, and I'm posting my new folk song...."toil and strife"....I hope it strikes a chord with you, my listeners, my family! I'm thrilled to do new shows this spring, and I so look forward to new songs and the writing process.....I've been really inspired in changing my path and direction in the craft of songwriting, after hearing Ray LaMontagne's "God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise".......hope to see ya soon....I dream of a new record of my songs recorded this year!

Shawn's excited of a big fall tour for new music! be there!

I'm thrilled to begin a small fall tour of music at venues in Kennesaw and Borders Stores.

I'm excited to share some new tunes and look forward to recording more to complete an original music record by this early 2010!

Also, I'm finishing up two new poetry audio spoken word cd's in the works...."Lighthouse" and "Contagious as....ticking clocks"

I will have my first two poetry cd's..."Journey through the Reflective Mind" and "Brainstorm" and my first music cd "Melodies at Sundown" ready for sale at my upcoming shows!

can't wait to see you there.....

You can find my songs on You Tube...(just set up a youtube account) and key in the password....eyeeagle7!!!!

best wishes this fall...feel free to write and comment!

can't wait to see you and hear from you!


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