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New sounds!

Just posted a great new song "nets will break" inspired by the music of Chad Yochum and Corner Kid.

new sounds for 2014!

I just added 15 or so new recordings, revisions of oldie but goodies! enjoy! :) had fun today! February 2nd, 2014! smh

recorded a new batch of songs kicking off 2014!

enjoyed working on the piano for a new song "the most" and recorded four others as well with guitar and vocal, including "always" "all these years" "christmas song" and "just a smile away" can't wait to post them on here and soundcloud...hope all are well!

truly enjoyed this new songwriting adventure

It was quite a wild ride working on piecing together this new song "life has a purpose" I cowrote the song with the help of good friend and songwriter colleague Lonnie Meadows of the Cartersville Songwriters Exchange. Thanks for your patience, words of wisdom, spirit, unwavering ambition and dedication! It still may need a little more tweeking and work, but I hope you like it buddy. Thanks!

filming new videos of originals and covers!

This early February I filmed several videos of my original songs and some covers to put on youtube, fandalism and reverbnation! I hope you enjoy! check them out:)

busy in studio Y recording for early 2013!

Happy New Year's to the reverbnation family. I am thrilled to be working on a bunch of new songs in studio Y. eager to put together piano, bass and lead guitars on the tracks soon. so far, tentative titles for my new songs are "Rebecca's Song" "Kaliediscope Lens" and "Those Are the Days that we Call Life"

Happy December! 2 new songs posted! more sounds to come!

posted 2 new songs..."december" and "rhapsodies and lullabies"...loving the month of December! I'm eager to record and build four or five more songs at studio Y and the my studio at the Music Shop in Marietta, GA.....eager to add piano, bass, lead guitar, percussion, and backing vocals.....

I hope you enjoy my 2 new songs! please listen and comment! thanks for all your support and encouraging me to keep on, keeping on with the writing process! :) best, shawn

Shawn's working on two new songs!

I'm currently in studio Y finishing the recording and production of two new songs....it has been a while since I've written and completed some originals...and I'm really thrilled to have two new ones that are gratifying to me. Can't wait to get ready for the holidays and work on the piano parts and bass parts, and I'm looking forward to a great show this coming Dec. 1st at Land of a 1000 Hills coffee in Roswell....I'm going in the direction of Beck with my new songwriting...that's all for now. :) brown*apple^ November 16th, 2012

New gig Tues July 24th.

I'll be playing at the Arena Tavern in Kennesaw, Ga. NOT!!!! duluth!

it's 2475 George Busbee Pkwy, this July 24th, Tuesday evening at 8pm for original songs. Look forward to the event, and I'd be thrilled to have your company!

two new songs posted.

I am really happy with these two new songs I've composed...."gabriel's Concerto in C Major" is one....still a work in progress...."hands" b the strings edit, I think I need to add a better bass part and redo the vocals....I hope you enjoy them...thanks always for listening to my music and supporting my work. best wishes, shawn m. haney (brown*apple^)