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new songs for winter 2015! share and enjoy! thanks!

Here are my new original songs..released tonight! share and tell all your friends, thanks for being fans, your support and having faith in me and my songwriting! You are always in my heart when I sing and write! :) "All the better" "Common sense thinker" "quick afternoon shower" "my soul yearns for you often" "seek to God through prayer"

new originals posted! enjoy! can't wait for fall gigs!

the four new original songs are posted! enjoy! "the girl I'll never leave" "oath of friendship, rose in you" "it's only you I spend my thoughts on" "a poem for Malarie" :) can't wait to sing them live for fans and the public again soon, and for more exciting new songs and gigs in the fall!

Four new songs recorded today! :)

Hey fans! I had a wonderful day recording four new songs in studio Y! they will be posted soon. It was a great day for a hike, nap and reading, and enjoying a juicy NY strip steak! :) all the best and happy September! Can't wait to share the songs soon! s

working on four new songs! including "Everyday!" will post soon!

Happy to announce that a new batch of original songs are in the works, including "Blue Stars" and "everyday" be on the lookout this week! thanks for your fanship and support!

"Afterglow" receives Runner Up in this year's Song of the Years!!!!

My song "Afterglow, summer's falling skies" received a Runner Up in this year's Song of the Year songwriting contest!!!!!! I"m thrilled and proud! check out that song on my page....

adding six new song recordings today:) enjoy!

added six new songs to reverbnation today! enjoy! including "power of delight" "growing faith, growing trust" "first love, poem by John Clare" "the same you will always be" "sara, sara june" and "a dream like the deep blue sea" :)

new songs posted! seven in all! for winter 2015!

really enjoyed recording seven new songs this past wintry night, I awake with snows this morning and a beautiful snowy white paradise outside! A great time to post these new songs! enjoy! s

new sounds! six new songs added for dec 14!

Today was a happy day in studio Y! really enjoyed recording six new original songs I wrote this summer/fall! :) they are the top six on my list, enjoy:) and Happy Christmas season. they are as follows...."pilot light" "letter for a friend" "horizon of your soul" "let us dance in silver streets" "blue jay" "nashville, music city"

new sounds! enjoy! October 1st, 2014

Really enjoyed writing and recording three new songs..."afterglow, summer's falling skies" "chesire smile" and "lonely soldier, fallen army" Hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoy singing them! sing along! :) the're catchy!

new sounds for September 2014!

really enjoyed writing and working on melodies for these three new songs, "renewal, grace" "where did all my friends go?" and "now":) enjoy! :)