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Preview my up-following new album "Moving On"..

Well, I'm still busy re-editing & finishing some latest tracks for this long awaited up-following album...but unfortunately this process had some longer time outs & the whole is very much delayed...yet I hope to can release it within 2014...it will be again an album with about 16 original instrumental tracks of Jazz-Pop-Latin-Funk-Fusion flavors...meanwhile preview already 4 selected tracks on my profile..I hope you like them & stay tuned for more!..:-)

Get my debut album now for only $ 10.99 :-)

You can download my (digital) debut album as an MP3 album for only $10.99 at the RN store...or just get individual tracks there for $ 1.08 a track...check it out & thanks for supporting an Indie!

Finally my Reverb Store is active :-)

Needed a while, but finally my store is up and running now.:-)..so my first (digital) album is on sale & you can also download individual tracks there..more content will be added step by step...so stay tuned & support an Indie muso by actually buying his stuff.:-)..cheers!