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Turning Sixty is the BEST

I remember when I was nineteen, just after performing at a club, the drummer who was sixty at the time said "you know Kim Im hearing so many songs and ideas, its just flowing out of me now that Im older". Yes, this is a timeless phenomenon. For now I have that flow of creativity. Everytime I have a concert, I write all new compositions. Illustrating books and composing songs for the book as well. Sixty means getting better and feeling younger with ease. I look forward to another 60 years on this beautiful planet. Thank you for coming to my page. Preview and purchase my books at this link http://www.blurb.com/b/7127300-new-york-city-slicker-chick and my website www.KimKalestiMusic.com

Thoughts in Poetry Provoke and Respond

If I lived my life in reverse would I end up in the same place?

Quotes by Kimistry

September 2009 is a unique planetary opportunity....read about it, google it and understand what is happening !! I highly recommend it.

See you on the other side of what was....

meet you next month October, hopefully with my new self...

praying that i will take my own advice that I receive intuitively from this once in our life time planetary happenings.

Look forward to progressing...

IT might be painful to admit to things but how will you change them if you dont know what they are.

Taking responsiblitiy for my actions in my past understanding things in the present for a better future

act now so you dont have to cry later ...

ohh well, crying is good for healing.

every tear is the dna of my emotions.

emotions and art work well together

rational thinking helps people get along being rational gives your partner head space

emotions are great for love making for painting, writing emotions are good for smiles, it connects the heart with your lips

Kimistry is Kim istry from Pueblo