What is the attraction?

Hip Hop today is all about fast money, cars, women, drug dealing, and swag. Its to the point that anyone that speaks on something other than that is almost guaranteed low album sales and little to no radio play.

Why is it that Emcees, which are basically those that dont necessarily rap about what they have because they can rap about anything end up on the low end of the stick?

Radio stations only play what they think is hot....FACT. They get stats from call ins for songs and artists that are in the spotlight at the time. What attracts every day listeners to artists who rap about things that you as a listener may not have? Arent these artists basically bragging about what they have over a beat?

What is the attraction? Comments!!!!!

Showin love.....

This is my way of showin love to all those who took time out of their schedules to come by my page and listen to my music. I have a REAL love for Hip Hop.....so much so that it upsets me to see what the masses flood to in the industry now. Hip Hop is so much more than dudes gettin shot, money, cars, rims, and fly ass women.

A while back rappers started rapping about material things and it spread like wild fire. Now thats really all these record labels wanna sign, they just want puppets that they can control because it's all about them getting money for your work.

Im gonna make a point to do music that has a message, content that is so vivid you can close your eyes and imagine exactly what im talking about, lyrics that hit the gut.....Quality is always better than quanity.....

Stay tuned......


Todays Hip Hop

Why is it that everyone has to rap about what they got now? I thought the purpose of being a good rapper was to talk about stuff people relate to. I dont know about yall but but im not exactly wipin my ass with $100 bills. So when i hear rappers talkin bout how much money they got thats kinda like a slap in the face....didnt we help ur ass get all that? You can tell muthafuckas who aint used to nuthin.....lol

And whats up with everybody on this T-Pain shit!!! Damn even people just comin out are usin it. This shit is gettin retarded!! Aren't you supposed to do something to set urself away from everybody else??

The game is full of too many followers and not enough leaders! Thats why so many people love Pac to this day. He mighta been talkin bout what he had at times but he flooded the game with tracks people can feel in the gut to this day!!

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