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Jam for the 2nd Graders

I was in line at the bank and a friend of mine who works there, Kerrie Jones, out of the blue suggested that I go to the Brussels American School to sing for the 2nd grade class that her son, Jaxon, is in. Also in line at the bank was the 2nd grade teacher, Mr. David Cox, who overheard this suggestion and chimed in and said it would be a great experience for the kids not to mention breaking away from the monotonous routine of their school day. I began to get very nervous and reluctant about the idea and both Kerrie and Dave Cox sensed it. They took to immediately encouraging me and said, "Hey...They'll think you're cool just by walking in the room with your dreadlocks" and "they'll just love your music!". I stayed nervous and reluctant for a couple weeks of weeks. I throught..."I've played in front of hundreds of people...why am I so nervous about singing for a class of 2nd graders? I finally accepted the offer and as I walked into the school house, my nervousness dropped away as soon as I saw a group of kids who yelled out "HI JOSHUA ALO!!!!" and walked off to their respective classes. My nervousness was being replaced by excitement as I saw all the school house activities and kids of all grades in their class rooms being educated. I haven't seen this elementary school environment for 20 years! I walked into Mr Cox's 2nd grade class to find a huge banner they made for me! We went to the auditorium where the jam was to take place and Jaxon helped me post up the banner on the front of the stage. As I cracked out the guitar and ukelele, I saw hands raising for questions. Questions such as "Are you famous?" and "I have an ukelele at home" (more of a comment than a question). I asked if anyone knew the difference between the guitar and ukulele and one of the kids knocked it out of the park by answering..."The smaller size of the ukelele gives it a higher pitched sound compared to the more bassy and larger acoustic guitar which carries two added bass strings." That's better than my answer would've been. Lol. The jam began and claps and stomps were on the auditorium floor. One girl said following one of the songs..."You should be on the radio." She's so nice. I cut all of my songs short to match the "don't bore us, get to the chorus" method that music producers go by simply based on the short attention span of kids. But to my surprise, they were really listening...well for the most part anyway. I sang my song called "Hold On" and one of them asked me..."You mean, hold on like when someone dies?" I wasn't ready for that one. I've never played for kids like this before other than my 2 year old daughter who dances even when I play her horribly tuned toy ukulele. I am blessed to have this experience as it opened my eyes to further realize that music should not be reserved only for the stage. It could and should be shared everywhere...In schools, hospitals, churches etc...Everywhere and everywhere. So many thanks and Aloha to Kerrie Jones and Mr. Cox's 2nd Grade Class!!!!

New Album Proceeds for Japan

Until April 15...100% of all album sales will be donated to the recovery efforts of the Japan earthquake and to those who are suffering throughout the pacific.