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WSPR Is Back On The Air!

Web radio station WSPR is back on the air once again! As well as my songs "The Suits", "Song For My Family", and "In My Heart" currently on the station's playlist rotation, I am also a featured artist at their website. Listen and enjoy at the link below, and thank you for your continued support of my music! http://www.simplepleasureswspr.com/

More Airplay at WSPR!

More good news as my single "The Suits" and my song "In My Heart" from my CD Life This Time have been added to the playlist rotation at Simple Pleasures WSPR! I send out my heartfelt thanks to station owner/programmer Leander Terry for his support of my music and the music of independent artists around the world. Listen to the great music at the station at this link, and enjoy! - https://beta.tunein.com/radio/Simple-Pleasures-WSPR-s256443/

Airplay On Simple Pleasures WSPR Radio!

I am proud to announce that my single song titled "Song For My Family" is now on the playlist rotation at Simple Pleasures WSPR Radio!

In addition to my song being added to the playlist, I have recorded several station ID's for WSPR Radio that run throughout the day and night.

Simple Pleasures WSPR Radio plays indie artists, Soft Rock, as well as forgotten artists.

My heartfelt thanks to WSPR programmer Leander Terry for selecting my song, and for his continued support of independent artists like myself around the world.

You can listen to Simple Pleasures WSPR Radio at this link, enjoy the music! - https://beta.tunein.com/radio/Simple-Pleasures-WSPR-s256443/

New Voiceover Video For IGOT!

As well as singing, playing bass and songwriting, I have found myself having very recently completed voiceover work for the Institute for Global Orthopaedics and Traumatology(IGOT) through Voices.com.

I am proud to have delivered this important and powerful message to help educate people about the plight of those in the developing countries who are confronting the loss of limbs and lives, and how orthopaedic surgeons are now working to save so many more people's lives than ever before.

In my latest blog post at my official website I wrote about the experience of using my speaking voice throughout my life, and how it has culminated in the publishing and posting of the video for IGOT. Right below the blog post is the informative video for you to view.

Read and learn more when you visit my website's Blog page. Thank you! https://www.jeromelee.net/home/blog/

Springtime 2017

Happy Spring 2017 to you all! I am happy to announce that my official website has logged over 4,000 visits since I re-launched and re-published it on July 28, 2016. In comparison, it took 11 years for my website to receive 5, 280 total visits. Wow, times have really changed. And I am glad to be a part of the positive ever-changing internet world we live in today. Do visit when you can, and browse until your heart's content. Enjoy! https://www.jeromelee.net/

New Blog Post - New 2017 Thoughts

My best wishes to you all in 2017. My thoughts about the many changes happening in the world, and my place in it as a musician can be read at my latest blog post at my official website. Browse, read, listen and enjoy... https://www.jeromelee.net/home/blog/

Happy New Year 2017!

Wishing you all a prosperous, joyful, and musical New Year 2017! My official website is now entering its twelfth consecutive year online, it is certainly something for me to celebrate and share with you. Visit when you can, and then browse, read, and listen to your heart's content! Enjoy...


New Blog Post - Travel, and how to get to the gig!

As many will travel between now and the start of the New Year, I wish you all a pleasant journey and a safe return home. Some will travel during this time to perform music for others, and that is the topic of my latest blog at my website's Blog page, "Travel - How To Get To The Show?" Enjoy yourself out there, and be well this holiday season


Airplay On WAIR Radio!!

WAIR Radio has added my single song titled “The Suits” to their station’s playlist rotation! I would like to thank to the staff at C.Z. Entertainment and WAIR Radio for their kind support of my music, and for their continued support of independent artists like myself around the world. C.Z. Entertainment allows for new radio programmers to start their own internet broadcast radio stations through their online services. Enjoy the music…


New Blog Post - U.S.O., Bob Hope, and Me

On this Veterans Day 2016 I would like to send out my sincere thanks to all of the men and women who have served honorably in all of the branches of the U.S. Armed Services. My latest blog post at my website is about my experiences working with the U.S.O., and my thoughts about the late Bob Hope. Visit when you can, and browse, read, listen and enjoy...