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New Website Blog Posting - Las Vegas, Nevada

The latest blog entry at my official website blog page is about Las Vegas, Nevada. Read more of my thoughts on this unique city when you visit my official website, and know that you are always welcome there. Stay Strong Las Vegas. https://www.jeromelee.net/home/blog/

New 2017 Review for "The Suits"!

New review! I am sending my thanks and appreciation to Sister Dorothy for her kind and short sweet review of my single song titled "The Suits" that she published on September 13, 2017. Read more about it when you visit Sister Dorothy's Music Blog at the link posted below, and enjoy! http://sisterdorothysmusicblog.blogspot.com/2017/09/review-of-suits-by-jerome-lee.html

New Website Blog Posting - Wealth!

  Wealth is the topic of my latest website blog posting. Read more about my thoughts on this topic at my website's blog page. And remember, we all have wealth! https://www.jeromelee.net/home/blog/

Posted Jerome Lee Artist Spotlight Interview - WSPR At SoundCloud!

The audio from my Artist Spotlight interview with WSPR is now posted at SoundCloud!

The interview took place on July 22, and July 23, 2017 on Simple Pleasures WSPR Radio with interviewer and station owner Leander Terry. My sincere thanks go to Leander Terry of WSPR for having me on the air to speak with him.

Leander is continuously showing his true support for independent artists all over the world by the airplay he provides for them at WSPR Radio. I have heard several new artists there by listening to the station.

The audio for the entire WSPR interview audio is posted at SoundCloud for you to hear. Enjoy as you listen, and listen when you can! And thank you all as well for your continued support of my music here at ReverbNation!


A Bassic Life - Anniversary!

Quietly celebrating the one year anniversary of the re-launch of my official website "A Bassic Life"! While my website has been available online for twelve years, I worked on a new template and design for it last year. It took me nearly four months to complete the transition to the new website design, and I am pleased with the new published website. Hope that you can visit and browse at your leisure, it is secure, and there are no ads or pop-ups on any page there. It took eleven years to reach 5,000 visitors, but in the last 12 months there have been over 6,200 visitors, simply amazing. Many thanks to you all for your continued visits and thanks to the new visitors as well. I appreciate you all and I send you my best! https://www.jeromelee.net/

Artist Spotlight Weekend - Jerome Lee at WSPR!

My Artist Spotlight Weekend at WSPR Radio starts tomorrow, Saturday July 22, 2017, and again on Sunday July 23, 2017! Shows on both days start at 8PM EST (5PM PST). Hope that you can visit, listen, and enjoy the music! Here is a safe web link for you - https://www.simplepleasureswspr.com/artist-spotlight/

WSPR Jerome Lee Artist Spotlight Update!

I am very excited to announce that I will be featured on an upcoming Artist Spotlight Weekend at WSPR Radio on July 22nd, and July 23, 2017 at 5PM Pacific time on both Saturday and Sunday! There will be an on-air interview, and my original music will also be featured during the shows. I will remind you all with another blog post before the weekend begins, take care and be well! Here is a safe link to WSPR Radio - https://www.simplepleasureswspr.com/

WSPR Is Back On The Air!

Web radio station WSPR is back on the air once again! As well as my songs "The Suits", "Song For My Family", and "In My Heart" currently on the station's playlist rotation, I am also a featured artist at their website. Listen and enjoy at the link below, and thank you for your continued support of my music! http://www.simplepleasureswspr.com/

More Airplay at WSPR!

More good news as my single "The Suits" and my song "In My Heart" from my CD Life This Time have been added to the playlist rotation at Simple Pleasures WSPR! I send out my heartfelt thanks to station owner/programmer Leander Terry for his support of my music and the music of independent artists around the world. Listen to the great music at the station at this link, and enjoy! - https://beta.tunein.com/radio/Simple-Pleasures-WSPR-s256443/

Airplay On Simple Pleasures WSPR Radio!

I am proud to announce that my single song titled "Song For My Family" is now on the playlist rotation at Simple Pleasures WSPR Radio!

In addition to my song being added to the playlist, I have recorded several station ID's for WSPR Radio that run throughout the day and night.

Simple Pleasures WSPR Radio plays indie artists, Soft Rock, as well as forgotten artists.

My heartfelt thanks to WSPR programmer Leander Terry for selecting my song, and for his continued support of independent artists like myself around the world.

You can listen to Simple Pleasures WSPR Radio at this link, enjoy the music! - https://beta.tunein.com/radio/Simple-Pleasures-WSPR-s256443/