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Free Download of Mark Mahoney's Latest Live Performance

Copy and paste this url in your browser: http://electro-music.com/forum/download.php?id=20883 This 25 minute performance I did for the Electro-Music.Com New Year's Eve broadcast will take you to many places and produce many moods. I used Moog gear as my primary leads and wash source. Towards the end I used a Waldorf Q for the Indian-style drone.

Listen to Mark Mahoney's Performance @ City Skies Festival


This is my unedited live performance 5/9/09 at the City Skies festival in Atlanta, GA. I hope you all enjoy the music. The last 10 minutes of this performance feature Tony Gerber on Native American Flute and Bill Fox on electric guitar.

Impromtu jam on Internet Radio--Electro-Music.com

For those of you who don't know, there is an internet radio that broadcasts 24/7 at www.electro-music.com . During the day the station plays from a collection of recordings, many are of the electro-music community's live performances. At night there are several hots that either peerorm or play recordings from other artists. Last night I happen to be listening to Shane Morris' show. Shane is one of the up and coming performers in ambient/tribal/experimental electronica. I met him at the electro-music '08 festival and was blown away by his solo performance. I met him again in Atlanta's City Skies festival, where he and Kevin Spears blew everyone away with a tremendous performance. Last night I was listening to Shane's show and was on the chat line. I mentioned that I had been working briefly with a Korg ESX1 sampler groovebox. He invited me to play on the air. It was a blast.

Performers for Electro-Music.com Summer Soltice Broadcast

Here is a list (not in order) of the performers who will broadcast their sets to electro-music.com and stillstream.com : 1. Modulator ESP 2. Mark Mahoney 3. Inventor 4. Shane Morris 5. Muied Lumens 6. Mystahr 7. EdisonRex 8. Ambiencellist 9. Michael Peck 10.Blue_Hell 11.Richard Lainhart 12.Emerald Adrift 13.Mono-poly 14.The Amber Portal 15. OCP 16.State Machine 17.Kevin Kissinger 18.Palancar 19.The Yakuza Cowboys 20.Antimon 21.AncientByrdLand 22.Howard Moscovitz 23.Mike Metlay

I will list the schedule when it is established.

Mahoney Performs Live Internet Broadcast

I will be performing at 8 pm eastern June 20 on Electro-Music.com radio. http://electro-music.com/radio/ My set will be 30 minutes. Besides myself, M. Peck will be performing after me. We'll both broadcast live from my studio. There will be performers from all around the world playing throughout the day. i.e. Shane Morris, Modulator, Palancar, Emerald Adrift, Mystahr just to name a few. Go to electro-music.com for the complete schedule. At this writing there is a possibility that the performances will be simulcast on stillstream.com. I'll try and post the information as the event comes nearer.

Back from City Skies Performanc e

I'm back from the City Skies festival in Atlanta. What a fine collection of artists. I opened for Richard Devine as well as Kevin Spears & Shane Morris as well as a couple of other acts. The festival ran like clock work by founder, Jim Combs. This was my second year performing there and I hope to return next year.