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New (old) Material being released.

As I sift thru the ashes of another band gone sour, I find myself organizing old music and filing the newer music to never see daylight. I'm coming across material I feel like sharing. It's not perfect but why would perfect be better? Here's real.

A song from my first demo with a band called "Sanctum" called, "Taste the Wine". It was part of a three song, self titled demo. We had a release party in a record store on Elm St in Manchester NH. I won't go into details here, but we sold the tape for $5. We might have sold 50-100 of them. Tops. That was 1993.

Flash forward 2012. I get an email from a man in Russia asking me about the demo. Apparently a copy was listed on Ebay in Europe for $18. I find this to be amazing! I can't stop wondering about the journey this tape has gone through to end up there as well as being bid on up to almost $20.

I'm flattered. It adds a sense of justification.

Another song from my acoustic music, "Sick". It is a rough copy of me in my music room w/ the recording on. This is from 2009


Current progress is working on live shows. Recording in progress for "Covered in Lies" and Demon King". Recording schedule put on hold for live show scheduling...we hope

2 new songs in progress........the best yet


We are currently in progress on two new songs... "The Devil and I" and "Drop Down"

So far...I honestly think these will be my personal favorites as of yet. Looking to release them before the month is up.

If we get feedback..we may up the efforts and release them sooner......

Clue # 4 and clues beyond.....

Clue # 4 is in progress and will be released shortly...it's special and you'll see why it's taking a little longer than expected.....And as a heads up.......the clues will continue to trickle in so stay alert! When the final code is given to decipher the clues.......that's when the heat will be on and the first email in w/ the correct answer, wins....

thanks DRRAGS

Clue # 3

New song released...clue # 3: deadly sins, dwarves, days in a week-

Back on Schedule..

Back on track...the toe will be fine...just can't be dropping anything else on it. So with the contest...We are working on getting a celebrity to help with our cause.

the first clue is out there....So let's put down some rules. Official rules will be posted shortly.

Doug n Damien break a bone?........note from Joni B.

So, Doug, Damien n I are in the studio going over a few tracks preparing for another vocal run starting tomorrow evening...Doug n Damien had a few brews and decided to start rearranging the studio furniture...well..as luck and a lil horseplay would have it...seems Doug may have broken a toe...lol...That's what happens when you try and toss couches around deciding furniture combined with football and baskeball would make a great idea....lol.........

Damien thinks its the funniest thing in the world.

No..no hospital required...he's a trooper. He'll be back in tomorrow....give him a night to get the swelling down...lol

Thanks, just wanted to share the fun.....nice color purple though....

Joni B.

He's a idiot..the rules were to hang on... D. Seagull

7/28/2008 Song Release update....

Everything seems to be on schedule and there is talk of a new contest in place around the new song. More updates to come.......there will be a small prize already on the board for the person who wins...so stay tuned. Only the most dedicated fan will win.....

First clue...MST

you can win w/o this clue but it will help.....

Later drrags

Song Release Date

New song is scheduled for preliminary release on 7/28/2008.


"What You See"

Stay tuned for updates.

Your best bet is to add yourself to my blog @ myspace.com/drrags

That will be my first posting on where to go and get the free download.

Thanks and stay on the grid for me DRRAGS