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Mr Ruffy On The Topic Of Lady's

Hip Hop Lady's are Progressing Fast in the UK Can You Name them...?

Working For HipHop

Last Year i Worked On Some Instrumental's & A Fist Full Of Compositions, Along Side Rhyme Cyphers Or Was It Chatt Capers.. Mixtapers & Freestyle Jammers . Practice Makes Perfect For EveryOne Of Us.. Bio / i Read My Bible, I Live a Life That Goes Like This.. I Love My Family & I Go to A Training Program For Warehouse Forklift Operator Licences & Work Place Understanding., I Hope I Will Pass the Exams, Then I Can Find A Decent J.O.B & In The Time I Have To Myself I Am Building Instrumentals, Through The Understanding Of Sound & Drum Patterns I Ruffy Rockaway Chat Lyric's Up Through the Microphone On The Streets Of The Air Waves & Frequences, I Recieved The Ability to Combinate The Two Better when some technolagy was entrusted to me I & I Linked With Dj Chosen1 Ina Swindon NaughtyDee Combanation's & Kelus Knight Creating The Best Track of 2012 With Cammie Singing Natty Chatting Shacks & Charlie ShowBizz, Rolling The Electric Down B1 Stepped In & DrawTru Through the season @ RuffneckUK Studio Mode .. & for a time i worked in harmony with the knowledge of sound & Lyric's Alone in Late 2012 Friend's Promted Me To Write A Classic... Lyricaly Personally & Meaningfully.. Like I Wasnt Doing That ..Anyway, I Was Just Taking In The Vibe Selector Serious.. Which One Me Want To Pull Out Is The Question.. Hmm.thought suh!! Good Evening Good Morning & Good afternoon HipHop at Its Best You Are --

too much on my mind

Say's... I got lyrics in my head that i just cant seem to release, some times i fee tool verbally obese on this crease to Blow out like the last breath on a deseaced, hope my Father Forgives me as i got to much on my mind figuers from the shadows that twisted versions reek to find, like the bind on a copywrite that's signed with the print of a hoof... you ask For proof... who's the snaggle sitting like a float with a remote thats eagerly aloof sensors.. now ask me who's my mentor's ... i will tell you the truth, first be the lord allmighty, then the music industry, Record vynle tape & cd also real madrid for there buisness tapestry.. love before money & respect after initual Chemistry, if we link then the light shine pon we, dont take it personal.. time wait's for no slipping.. its piticull how i enter semetrical to the parallel universe that spins globes 360 the ray's from the sun diagnally frowing orbital sights for a telescope or a ultra sonic sound that Pliets eden her first smile pushing away & enabling the proliferation of aerobic organisms, as well as the formation of the ozone layer which, together with Earth's magnetic field.. that shields from the inner UV

Rasoz Reggae Roots Explosion Show

The Rasoz Reggae Roots Explosion Show Playing The Best In Reggae & New & Unsigned Talented Artists & Bands www.radiomk.co.uk BassieDee Is Hott At the moment With Asha Hieghts Going Strong

The RuffneckUK Story

I Know you Feeling this but dont stay to silent, as i am starting to wonder are you a tief or omar shariff... lol eazy skanking & top ranking.. im more than playout as i show the talent & gifts i had & hold & share. & want to work with you, even tho you say yo is bizzy, aint we all... but to shun, is like you got a weapon of mass human destruction, i aint just deploying over reactions, im telling you... you got amnesia as well, now that aint good for you to talk all that jazz & forget what was said & agreed Tho to be a godfather your originator has to be thanked or spoken about not taken out like you aint realising respect is about aknowledgement & standards of the highest Degree... Extracts from my forth coming Ep " Stop Chatting Shit " & " nxt world everyone will be bionic " i was smashing westwood radio freestyle phone comps 90 or wen everto 93 & he told me... you told me i will get YDee in the studio... Now i aint dianna ross " im still waiting " i am Gareth " RuffneckUK " Roberts & you aint dealing with an amature m8 you & i aint in no debate yo smashed the real rockaway, this is not about spilt milk more like you kept the door barricaded & kept the shit like gonshok did with my demo in 90 ...Man if i was carribean i would of shut you up for good as is it not the violence in your tunes that made youth's misunderstood. Bigg ups to " Dj Trojan.. Rasoz... Mc Blade... P-funk... Mc Henna "

Hollywood Bites RuffneckUK's Ruffy Rockaway's Saying

Never mind i got an oscar his name is rasoz & you can hear him @ www.radiomk.co.uk on wednesday evening from 6pm till 8pm..

this week he tells me i am involved in his plans to reach the global market in media: this is true personality

tho i am not moved by there desire to limit the industry that i call my saviour: contradictors = Was you really there when i was breaking on the floor battles @ shepards bush empire 1996 UK B-BOY Championships " Wasn't That the first ever " no Micklefield Estate jnr school Disco... Where You There.. Exactly "Weh yoh Deh" Noah tell yo something..

what about the southampton Talent contest Quote From some of the audience " you should of Won that " i made money & i wasnt even trying to earn!! ... Where You There.. Exactly "Weh yoh Deh" Jah tell yo something.

Clubs in Soho & Knightsbridge & Country Stables Example The China Town Zone Chatting The Mic Breaking on the floor ... Where You There..Exactly "Weh yoh Deh" YDee tell yo something.

Cheeze & Wine With Bubbles.. do you still not recognize

I.. is Reaching out everyday compelling examples of memory's many more to follow or walk beside those old & new good tunes from my youth to my present existance that still inspire many & I.

Till now making music track's & vocal compositions that have influenced More Than a decade of musicians & producers from small enterprizes to your remedy's that are in everyday visuals & audio

there is no competition when it comes to RuffneckUK

the roots the culture only a few are true to the future

tho the real respectfull Thanks & prize should go to those who are on my facebook elite as they are the biggest sauce of love & insperation

Ps If You Dont See My Face Up In Your Book that means yo is going to see me in your Face

Creating the HipHop, Dub Stepping Label RuffneckUK (PT2) Smith & AllMighty

I Walked home To The Drum Chatting Freestyle Like Lyrics Deciding I Am Going to Indulge My Self Music Mad Edition & Quick, I stepped to the multi racial Center High wycombe & Hooked up with RudeBwoy Syndicate. The EastSide Ruffnecks Stay True & We Stepped to A Jam In the west Hill sidez Where i was raized & Manz wanted to test our loyalty so RudeBwoyz Jammed Down & I Ruffy the swift Rocker Lett Off a Routine i had Learnt whilst Ferrying The Crew To & Back. I was walking in there zone & i couldnt remember Them lyrics we practiced inorder to enter the Jammo Green Apple Radio party, They wouldnt let me fight up some bwoy who was staring at me fo a very long time He said i was looking at his gal & making noises to her I was Happy & they escorted me out of the building & at that point asked me to ferry them to a location as we was walking past a club WineBar I Heard Two Records Bieng mixed & I Could not let that mix Go.... so i stopped & i Blocked for the whole mix unHappy RudeBwoyz were gathering around me insisting that i should hurry up But I was not moveable to there demand. insteppz "Mocco" Ruffneck Dont listen to them stay & Listen As this is the future & Your In It So Stay True...


I Created The idea For RuffneckUK Lable For HipHop DubSteppin ALong With The Late "SeenOne" The Label RuffneckUK Was Created In a Shop In AylesBury In 86 Whilst we was Seeking a B Seal Hat, This Journey Was To Crown Off the Gazelles & Chippie Champion Garmentz With the wages from a J.O.B (Carl Bagz)'s Dad Provided It In Penn Fab's . "SeeOne"'s BeatBox Skillz Lead The Way Before Bieng Transformed to Dj SeeOne & I The (Ruffneck Chatta Rockaway) Recited Lyrics & Whilst SeenOne Drummed The Beat With His Mouth I Chatted. He Had To Slow It down for i Believe It went like.. "Lady Lady We Dont Bother AnyBody, So All You Better Stop Ya Crying Sorely Start The Beat Box Reggae HipHop Styly. Then You Might Be Able to see clearly. now you sett it off with the simpley juice Spe wen you produce the Twang that Can Dominate a sence of reality Wen All is Money Mad with my piece annette Doing The One Dance Style... Wen i stepped of the bus In Aylesbury a new world opend up. A Bizness Kind Of feeling... Thus Slowing Down The Pace For My Tempo SeenOne Turned To Making Music With Dj Pascual Inventing The Blue Print To The Ganja Kru Record Label & At Latter SeenOne's Life Was Taken By An Incident. SeenOne & Pascal From Tru Ganja Steppers Are The Pioneers Of QuickStepp To DubFunk Creadited With A Catalogue Of Awards & Plastic To Prove This From HipHop To QuickStepp Dubz is amazing Tribute to the statistics Of Musicians Outta High Wycombe Including the CaveMan Tingz They Remember the times of Culture. Howard 1986 Was The Year that RuffneckUK's HipHop & Reggae Dubz Was Created Serious People Stood Up For the struggle to be represented by the corperate United Kingdom's Music Industry With Our Career set out By Agreement To Musical Structure & at that finding Our own Grooves. I Was & Still Am Inspired by the doing it London Posse Representation In Britain Which Braught The Fletcher Empire to Light, As Street Life was Mixing in the pot, the Dance Seen In High Wycombe was Mostly Raggamuffing HipHop Untill Wiski Turned to hennacee & Shoota Turned to the invisable Man. Clutching My New 12" "Give me back my Record" & "I Know You Was" Hijack where dropping Languages & I Went Into The Real World With To Much Infusiasm & when a person said i got a party you can chatt at... i was there... But It Seemed that when we got there There was no time for Me that was cool i got to feel the vibe protecting my Well seasond mutton & Rice With my Ribena In The Sagging not Belted 34 waist Green combats & My Reebox in a corner chatting a way in my Head & i Remember the Smarly Smallz Slapping my Face & Saying Wake Up Its Your Opertunity tenor fly & daddy Freddy Are On Dont Be So Parra Check your Self Before you Gone. I WALKED INTO THE DANCEROOM in the Drum & straight upto the system & there the best Ragga chatters was Proforming There New 12" Live, The new wave in the UK Music Scene Was Born. This A Tributed Thanks To British Sound Systems Who Showed Versitility & Persistance To Carry Forward The Hip Hop & Reggae Roots that showed pain & suffering, Peace & Unity Love & Having fun.... & The Good Dayz