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Whassup ReverbNation!!!

We are new to the ReverbNation party. Just wanted to throw a blog out and tell everyone that we're here. We are a band based out of Greenville, NC. Trying to put a name out for ourselves. We love music, we love the music we make, and we love playing the music we love to make for everbody else to hear. Since late 2006 we have put our blood, sweat, and tears into not only what we have become, but into who we are still becoming. We all met how every band meets. Work, school, friends, other bands, Carolina Bargain Trader. OK, maybe not that last one. But we all have something unique about our playing. Coming from different musical backgrounds and mixing them together, youre bound to come up with something that's original and exciting. We continue to try and out do each song that we write. We are currently in the studios in Wilmington @ Chad B Studios. Check out our music and tell us what u think.