It's your Gurly DeeDee;)

Whatz up Family;) ok, so I was doin a little writting session this morning, and realized that the New Year is approaching us quickly. This thought made me look forward to Big things that will be happening in the New Year;) I wanna make sure to thank all of you that have supported me this year...I would be nothing without all the support that all of you have given...Thank you. I want to make sure that no one forgets, that you can do anything that you put your mind too, with the right frame of mind, and support...anything is possible;) So keep Rockin' Fams;) And always know that I thank you, and love you all;) xoxo Stay Real & Fly..All the best to you all in the New Year!!!! DeeDee


Yo yo yo!! Hope everyone has been on "THE GRIND" non-stop!! Wanna thank all my FAB FAM that have taken the time to stop by and support me..Can't do it alone Mos def!! Love you all so much. I wanna also update you on an article that was released by "ONE-TEN MAGAZINE". Ya gurl got a feature in NOV.release. So i have posted the link to make sure you all can take a look see ;)..Thanks guys..YOU ALL ROCK! And make sure to stop by and add me to your FACEBOOK & TWITTER! Links are below ;)..Stay Fly & Fab-U-lash ya'll..."OVER & OUT".

p.s. Now ya'll know I got somethin' HOTT cookin' up in the Kitchen!!! Stay Tuned ;) DeeDee

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You Guys rock!

Hey Guys ! It's DeeDee here holdin it down for ya!..I want to give a shout out to those who have supported me in my journey, and are still supporting me..Love from the bottom of my heart Mos Def. One thing I know is You can't do it alone..I have had such a FAB response here on REVERBNATION from so many talented people its amazing!! Thank you guys so much. ;) Studio is gonna be keepin me busy for a hot minute, but I have a bag "O" treats comin out soon enough for Ya'll..so make sure you look out for that!!! Tell your peeps to stop by and check out my page...One love Ya'll...And I'll see you sooner..than later.;)

Stay Fly & FAB-U-LASH