Crowdfunding - THE LAST CALL

Many of you already gave us a helping hand with our crowdfunding campaign. THANK YOU! Without you this album couldn't have happened at all! We reached 150%. Can we reach 200%? Is it possible?

For those who haven't or still thinking about it, the final round is up. In about a month (04.04) we will release our 8th studio album "BEYOND THE CYCLES OF TIME"

Pledgers will not only get the digital version 2 weeks before the actual release date, there is also plenty of stuff that will only be available via pledgemusic.com

Such as the bonus outtakes album "DEAD LETTER SONGS" feat. 10 unreleased tracks from the "4 album cycle period" 2007-2014 incl. 3 coverversions (Bowie, U2, Gary Numan). limited to 111 handnumbered copies!

A special designed T-Shirt, the brandnew DVD "IMAGES & ORACLES" feat 2 shows (150min). special priced tickets for our "FROM BEYOND FESTIVAL in Vienna 17.05.2014

and last but not least the exclusive WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW Tarot Set, designed by long time WITS cover-designer SPINE.

order here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/artists/whispersintheshadow

New Download Live Album

16 Tracks - FULL 90min Sho Recorded live in Berlin at K17, 29.09.2012 at the Nunhood Gathering Available http://whispersintheshadow.bandcamp.com/ 01. If Wormwood Falls 02. The Rites Of Passage 03. Words Made Flesh 04. The Arrival 05. If Uriel Falls 06. The Lost Souls 07. The Nightside Of Eden 08. Wormwood Star 09. Train 10. The Tempest 11. Lightbringer 12. Back To The Wound 13. Damned Nation 14 .Babylon Rising 1+2 15. First We Take Manhattan 16. Down By The Sea

released 31 October 2012 Recorded live in Berlin at K17, 29.09.2012 by Norbert Stitz Mixed and Mastered by Norbert Stitz and Ashley Dayour

Coverartwork by Krist Mort